Welcome to our EMHA Sponsorship information page  which has information about the two types of sponsorship options that the EMHA provides.
  • Our highest sponsorship level is the paid sponsor ad.  Sponsor ads are displayed two places on our website as well as within our email blasts and alerts.  Additional sponsor information is contained on this page. 
  • The free EMHA kid advertising is temporarily out-of-service.
Please send classified or Sponsorship related questions to Mo Gunning at advertising@emha.us .

EMHA Sponsorship Guidelines


  • There are 492 properties in Evergreen Meadows As of September 1, 2014, our email list includes 558 emails representing 399 households 
  • Overall we are averaging about 1 email blast per week, or ~52 per year Approximately half of our email blasts are EMHA news emails related to events or announcements in our community 
  • The other half are alerts sent out as needed, such as missing/found pets, wildlife sightings, or breaking news related to fires or other emergencies

Sponsorship Products

We currently have two products


    1. includes your messaging/graphic on all email distributions (news and alerts) during your paid sponsorship time window.  All email sponsors are at the bottom of outbound EMHA emails, and start with a line that says, 'PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS!' to separate it from the body of the email.  There are multiple sponsors that are rotated with each successive email.

    2. Presence on the home page, see examples at www.emha.us.

    3. Presence in the classifieds section, see examples at  www.emha.us/classifieds

  2. KID SPONSORSHIP - Babysitting, landscaping etc.  These ads are free if their parents are current EMHA members.

Commercial Sponsorship Pricing

STANDARD SIZE (400 pixels wide x 200 tall or smaller; 100 words or fewer)

  • Members:  $30 for 3 months; $100 Annually

  • Non Members: $50 for 3 months; $175 Annually

  • Non Resident: $70 for 3 month $250 Annually 

ODD SIZE (up to 600 pixels wide x 400 tall; 200 words or fewer)

  • Members:  $50 for 3 months; $175 Annually

  • Non Members: $80 for 3 months; $250 Annually

  • Non Resident: $110 for 3 months; $325 Annually