Architecture Review

The EMHA Covenants and Bylaws task the Architectural Review Board (ARB) with overseeing all exterior construction within EMHA.  By coordinating with property owners their planned projects, the ARB clarifies for owners the application of EMHA architectural and construction guidelines and reduces confusion as to their application.   

To assist homeowners, this web page describes the processes used in submitting a complete request to the ARB.   

The information provided below is designed to assist homeowners in understanding the EMHA architectural and construction guidelines and the ARB project approval processes.  
Questions may be directed through the following channels.
  • Email to
  • Via USPS mail at our address - 
    • Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association
    • Attn:  ARB
    • P.O. Box 2228 Evergreen, CO 80437
  • Phone at 303 991-7699 
Below are the processes and steps. 
  1. Does my Evergreen Meadows project require an ARB project review?
All exterior construction projects require ARB approval.  The Evergreen Meadows Architectural Guidelines and Construction Guidelines ("Guidelines") provide guidance for developing architectural and site plans.   The ARB Approval Request Form initiates the ARB review process.  The ARB Matrix of Documents identifies what supporting documents are to accompany the ARB Approval Request Form .

      2. How does a homeowner request an ARB project review?
Homeowners submit a project review request through the on-line ARB Approval Request Form .   

The ARB Matrix of Documents provides useful detail for submitting the on-line request and for determining the required supporting documentation.

      3.  What supporting documentation does the ARB require?
           The ARB Matrix of Documents identifies the required documentation based on the project type.

            Documentation can be sent to the ARB via email or mail as described above in the web page's fourth paragraph.  Direct delivery to an ARB member can be arranged                              via  telephone at the above cited telephone number.  

        4. How long does the ARB review take
Once a request is successfully submitted, within 3 to 10 business days an ARB member will contact the project contact person as was identified in the ARB Approval Request Form . 

If the homeowner requests an exploratory site visit, an ARB member will schedule that site visit with the homeowner.
Within 30 days of receiving the approval request and all of the required project documentation, the ARB will render a written decision.   A site visit to review the project may be required prior to the final decision.