EMHA Board Positions

Board Officer Positions: 

The President is the Chief Officer of the Association and presides over all meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Membership. The President appoints, with Board approval, the Chairperson of any Appointive Committees along with a Parliamentarian and the Chairperson of the Nominations Committee. He or she will present an annual report of Board and Membership activities to the general HOA membership. He or she: serves, ex officio, as a member of all committees except the Nominations Committee; signs legal documents with the Secretary; signs checks with the Treasurer, or in the Treasurer’s absence, with the Secretary or Vice President; and undertakes any other duties specifically requested by the Board or the Membership. 

Vice President 
The Vice President acts in place of the President in the event of the President’s absence, inability or refusal to act. He or she also signs checks in the absence of the President, Secretary or Treasurer. In addition, he or she exercises and discharges such other duties as may be required of him or her by the Board (for example, he or she could serve as Chairperson of the Covenants Committee or the Architectural Review Board). 

The EMHA Secretary is responsible for taking and maintaining the minutes for all Board meetings as well as Town Hall and General Assembly meetings. In addition, the Secretary must keep current records of Association members, take minutes of Committee meetings (excluding financial records), keep the corporate seal, sign legal documents with the President and sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer or President. 

The Treasurer, as the Chief Financial Officer of the Association, is responsible for the collection and disbursement of funds for the financial records of the Association and advises the Board on all financial matters of the HOA. Specifically, the Treasurer is responsible for, but not limited to: overseeing the administration of the collection of HOA dues; developing and maintaining the HOA budget; managing accounts payable and receivable; collecting and advising on bids received for various projects approved by the Board; and assessing fines and liens when necessary.

Standing Committee Chairs: 

Architectural Review Board Chair 
The Architectural Review Board (ARB) establishes the criteria set forth in the official HOA Covenants for the regulation of any and all modifications or improvements within the entire HOA property. With regard to things such as fences, garages, and sheds, the ARB is authorized to approve or disapprove any modification requests from homeowners based on the requests’ conformity to the existing covenants. Variances may be granted on a case-by-case basis. 

Covenants Committee Chair 
The Covenants Committee enforces the "Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions" that have been implemented by the Association, which detail a reasonable and flexible procedure for the overall development, administration, maintenance and preservation of our community. The committee is authorized, via a legal court system, to enforce these covenants through an assessment of fines or by imposing liens as necessary. 

Nominations Committee Chair 
All aspects of the nominations for positions on the Board of Directors are handled by the Nominations Committee. On an annual basis, based on submitted names, experience level and past history on the board, the Nominations Committee determines and submits a list of nominees for offices on the Board to the Secretary. The Board shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in October. 

Audit Committee Chair 
Heads the Audit as required by the By-Laws. Other Committee Chairs: 

Communications Committee Chair 
The Communications Committee is responsible for disseminating all HOA news and events to the homeowners. This committee is also responsible for maintaining the HOA website, publishing the newsletter, and disseminating EMHA alerts. The Communications Committee Chair works closely with the Neighborhood Watch Chair (non-voting). 

Membership Committee Chair 
The Membership Committee is responsible for all aspects of membership drive efforts including, but not limited to, annual renewal reminders, collecting and tracking dues, and developing welcome packet information. The Membership Committee Chair works closely with the Welcome Committee Chair (non-voting). 

Special Events Committee Chair 
The Special Events Committee is responsible for all social events and gatherings held throughout the year for the benefit of the Association. This committee handles all aspects of planning and budgeting for these events and manages the annual event calendar. 

Landscape Committee Chair 
The Landscaping Committee administers all aspects of the visual appeal of the green space within the community including all shrubs, trees, grassy areas, weeds, and signage. The annual weed spraying contract is administered by this committee, along with individual improvement projects such as signage maintenance, mowing, problem tree removal and mulching. In addition, the committee facilitates issues regarding all neighborhood common areas including, but not limited to, the ball field area. As funding permits, the Landscape Committee will engage in additional special projects including plantings and tree addition and replacement. The Landscape Committee Chair works closely with the Weed and Forestry chairs (both non-voting). 

Welcome Committee Chair 
The Welcome Committee stays abreast of new residents in our neighborhood and greets them with information and a friendly hello. The Welcome Committee distributes welcome packets to new neighbors and encourages them to get involved with the EMHA. 

Neighborhood Watch Committee Chair 
The Neighborhood Watch Committee develops safety procedures and crime prevention and awareness programs for the benefit of the community. This committee remains in regular contact with local authorities and stays informed of potential criminal situations and relative issues in the area. Any concerns are then communicated to the HOA and/or Board of Directors, and on to EMHA membership as appropriate. This committee coordinates with the Events Committee to provide Neighborhood Watch information whenever possible in conjunction with social events of the association. The committee also helps recruit street captains throughout the neighborhood for the safety of the associations’ residents. 

Bylaws Committee Chair 
The Bylaws Committee is responsible for updating, as necessary, the bylaws of the Association and for observing Association activities to ensure compliance with the Bylaws. In addition to overseeing the proper guidelines for conducting official Board meetings, the committee can also make recommendations to the Board for additional bylaws and/or the need for amending current ones. 

Forestry Committee Chair 
The Forestry Committee stays abreast of current issues affecting the trees in our neighborhood, including pine beetle infestation and fire mitigation. The Forestry Committee acts as a resource for neighbors needing advice on ways to best manage the trees on their property. 

Weeds Committee Chair 
The Weeds Committee stays abreast of weed infestation in our neighborhood. The Weeds Committee acts as a resource for neighbors needing advice on ways to best manage the weeds on their property. 

Member-At-Large 1 
The Member-At-Large 1 attends Board meetings.