Vote for the 2017 EMHA Board

There are seven (7) open positions available on the Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association (EMHA)’s board of directors. The following candidates (listed in alphabetical order) have expressed an interest in running for the 2017 EMHA Board. 

If you choose, you may also write-in yourself and/or other alternative name(s) in the 'Other' field below. Board member positions will be finalized by the board itself once the seven board members have been elected. Board positions include four officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Board members will also chair all Committees listed at the bottom of this ballot. 

Please vote for up to seven (7) candidates from the list below by checking each name. Please do not vote for more than seven candidates or the ballot will be invalid!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact us at   An on-line version of this ballot is available at - EMHA 2017 Board Ballot .

EMHA 2017 Board Ballot

Vote for 7 by checking the Vote box next to the name.

(Check by Name) Name
  Theresa Dieringer
  Peter Dunbar 
  Sandi Hill
  Sue Marinelli
  Simone Meyer
  Sue Schrader
  Laura Squires
  Shanon Squires
Other Nomination