Board Nominations - 2019

 Ann English      8263 Gray Fox Dr
All I can say is that we moved here from Houston, TX in 1988 and live in Evergreen Meadows for 30 years. My husband is a builder and we built our house in 1990, in the Meadows. I am VP of the South Evergreen Water District and a real estate agent, selling in the Evergreen/Conifer area for 20 years and know the area well.  As for being on the HOA, I believe that people should live in their home without fear of the HOA bothering them, having said that, I do believe that common sense should prevail. Regulations should fit with the area, not try and change the area.
 Gary Justus  8297 Centaur Dr  I didn't know what an HOA was when Judi and I moved here in 1992 from Herzman Mesa.   We loved the well kept properties, wildlife who roam our wide open spaces.  In 2008, I attended the Annual Meeting and was drafted to be treasurer.   I amazed at what we have been able to do with voluntary dues but mandatory covenants.  I want to keep this as "desirable Evergreen Meadows," as the Realtors call it.   I'm committed to the Covenants and Guidelines.
Gary Toole 9084 Armadillo Trl I have degrees from Purdue University and the University of Hawaii. I served as an officer in the Air Force. My professional career was spent in Software sales. My wife and have wanted to live in Colorado since the 1970's. We finally moved to Colorado and Evergreen Meadows in 2005. I love the views, the wildlife, and how the vast majority of the neighbors take pride in their property. I believe homeowners should be allowed to do what they want with their property, but we intentionally wanted to live in a community covered by covenants to insure our neighborhood remained beautiful and a joy to live in. I guess you could say I believe in owner's rights within reasonable guidelines.
 Louise Decker  26491 Wolverine Trl  I have lived in the Meadows for 37 years.   We bought here because it was a quiet neighborhood with beautiful views and open spaces.   The wildlife was and still is amazing.  I taught school in several states for over 30 years.  Now that I am retired, I hope that I can give back to this community that I have enjoyed for so long. I am currently on the South Evergreen Water District (SEWD) water board which manages water augmentation for Evergreen Meadows via ponds as mandated by Colorado State.
 Stephen Siegfried  26872 Chipmunk Dr I moved to 26872 Chipmunk Drive in 2012.  My education and career included time in business, engineering, aviation and aviation safety, aerospace standards development administration and 28 years in commercial construction management.  After four years of searching the mountainous areas of the United States, I moved to Evergreen Meadows where the conditions that existed here in 2012 and the HOA governing documents served to assure me that I had found my corner area of peace and quietude among the mountains and wildlife distinct from urban and agricultural areas.  I serve to ensure the longevity of our open mountain meadows environment where we co-exist with our wildlife. 
 Theresa Dieringer  8403 Gray Fox Dr As a fourth generation native, I am passionate about protecting our mountain resources. My husband and I were first attracted to Evergreen Meadows because of their respect for preserving its natural surroundings. I have been associated with the HOA for nearly 5 years with the goals of maintaining reasonable Evergreen  Meadows' architecture, working for the protection of our wildlife, and in fostering positive relationships with our community.    
 Wendy Moore  8000 Grizzly Way  My name is Wendy Moore.   I have lived in Evergreen Meadows for 32 years, enjoying our community and the varied wildlife that roams freely through our neighborhoods.   I am running for the HOA Board to help maintain the character and wildlife integrity of our community