Covenants 20, 26, 27, 28

Covenant Proposal Changes on 20, 26, 27, 28

This Email provides details about four of the eight Covenant Proposal Changes before the Evergreen Meadows residents currently.

Everyone's vote is very important or please submit your ballot if you haven't already.   As a reminder,  Evergreen Meadows has 478 voting residents and 2/3 ,or 315 "Yes" votes are required before any of the 8 proposed covenant initiatives can be changed.  
All 478 residents are eligible to vote regardless of their dues status, and the ballots will be accepted throughOctober 19, 2017.  

If you haven't received your ballot, please contact us by Email at, and we'll make sure that you have the voting materials.  

Voting ballots, additional voting details and descriptions about the 8 proposed covenant initiatives are on the EMHA website at -

Mandatory Dues Related Covenant Proposal

Considerations for Covenant 20 - Subject-Membership in Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association
In the 2017 resident survey, the subject of mandatory dues, many residents supported the concept of having mandatory dues.  In fact, mandatory dues with the second most approved survey initiative.  Dues have historically been voluntary while the covenants and other governing documents applied to all residents.

Currently, the association receives about 40% of the residents paying voluntary dues.  That money pays for the weed abatement, insurance, mailing for meetings (required since we do not have every owner's email address) and other small operating expenses.  There has not been funding for events or activities and we have relied on the support of sponsors and volunteers for the Easter egg hunt, picnic and the garage sale.  With voluntary dues and the current rate of pay, there isn't much more that the association can do today and in the future.

The board understands that frustration and other emotions remain from litigation that wiped out the association's reserves.  But if each lot paid $50 annually, then the association and residents could work on projects to benefit all residents.  Dues would remain at $50 annually and could only be increased after a majority resident vote at an annual or special meeting. 

Insurance Related Covenant Proposal

Considerations for Covenant 26 - Subject-Insurance
While the EMHA has had liability insurance, it was recommended by our legal firm that we add this section to our covenants.  This would demonstrate that not only is insurance necessary on each lot in the EMHA, but that the HOA has an obligation to have insurance on the common areas. 

It's common language in most HOAs and  does not make any practical change to how the HOA insures itself.  
Rules and Regulations Related Covenant Proposal

Considerations for Covenant 27 - Subject-Rules and Regulations

We are proposing this section again on the advice of our legal firm. 

Specifically, they recommended this addition so the HOA could enforce fines in the case of covenant violations.  In the past, some covenant violations have gone into small claims court and the board wishes to avoid this in the future.  

While there is a covenant enforcement policy that was adopted last year, it was recommended that this section be added.  This would make our HOA consistent with the enforcement policies of most other HOAs.

Common Areas Related Covenant Proposal

Considerations for Covenant 28 - Common Area Maintenance

This has been added to show that it is the responsibility of the HOA to maintain the common areas. 

It has been the past practice by board and committee members to mow the ball filed and maintain other areas, such as weed abatement. 

This insures that practice will continue.