CWPIP 2020 Grant

Scott Adams, Wildlife Specialist from the Evergreen Fire Rescue (EFR), has announced a Community Wildfire Protection Implementation Plan (CWPIP) grant that is available for future and completed wildfire mitigation projects performed on your home.   
Project requirements and grant application details are provided below in Scott Adams' 8.18.2020 Instructions. The Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association (EMHA) website - - has numerous links under the Fire Preparedness tab about the current CWPIP plans and documents, wildfire mitigation information and details pertaining to this grant including the W-9 Tax form.

Grant applications must be received by Scott Adams by Monday August 24, 2020.    Below is Scott's contact information.
  • Scott Adams
  • Wildland Specialist
  • Evergreen Fire Rescue
  • 509-280-3731
Once you have submitted an grant application to the EFR, please submit an on-line intake to notify the Board of your application so that we can help track everyone's progress.  The CWPIP 2020 Grant Intake is located under the Fire Preparedness tab or by clicking the following - CWPIP 2020 Grant Intake .

Contact Dave Reese with questions at, or contact the EMHA Board at .

Scott Adams' 8.18.2020 Instructions

From EFR's Scott Adams on 8.18.2020


Please send me your Future Projects/Past Projects for which you will be requesting reimbursement.
As stated before, this is an extension of last year's CWPIP Grant from The Nature Conservancy in which many of you participated. This means that any project that has been done this year qualifies for reimbursement. This does not mean that you will be reimbursed, only that you can be reimbursed.
Currently there is $10,000 dollars earmarked for this grant, so that is what we have to work with. There may be more after this round of funding, but that is to be determined. If your project is not funded, keep it ready to reapply.
We will only be able to reimburse items that were paid with check or credit card. This is due to the high likelihood of being audited. Please pay with check or credit card if you would like to qualify for reimbursement.
There is no tracking requirement from The Nature Conservancy for in-kind match (volunteer hours) since you performed a heroic number of volunteer hours last year. However, I will need you to track these hours and submit them with your reimbursement request if your project is funded. I still need to track volunteer hours for future grants.
We will be prioritizing Plan Units with new CWPIPs, but ALL Plan Units with an Approved CWPIP should apply.
What I need from you now:
  • One page PDF document describing the project with the following information included
  • Which Priority in your CWPIP it addresses
  • Where it was done or where it will be done
  • How you will do it or how you did it: Contractor, Homeowner, Combination thereof, etc.
  • How much it will cost or how much it did cost
  • How you will track volunteer hours
What I will need from you IF your project gets funded:
  • The same sheet from above with numbers/metrics from the project
  • PAID invoices. It must say PAID, Zero Balance Owed, etc.
  • Screenshot of Credit Card Statement or bank statement, or check that shows transfer of funds from you to the entity you paid
  • All volunteer hours performed.
  • Dates the work was performed or project start and finish dates
  • W9 Form completed  (if you have not already done so) with the person or entity to whom reimbursement should be made. This is to initiate the financial relationship between EFR and the one being reimbursed.  The W9 is located at - W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.
NOTE: I may be deployed today or in the next couple days for at least two weeks to one of the many fires currently burning in CO. Because of this, I am compressing the "application" window for this grant to one week.
Please ATTACH your PDF applications in a reply to this email no later than any time on Monday August 24th. I will reply to you whether on not your project will be funded by this grant. Please keep the applications brief and succinct, hitting all of the points i described above.
If your project gets funded, please send me your reimbursement requests as soon as your project is complete. If you are applying for reimbursement for previously performed projects, please send in your reimbursement requests as soon you get the email from me that says that your project has been funded. All reimbursement requests MUST be submitted by November 15th, 2020. This is a hard date.
Please forward this to your people to inform them, but I would like to only receive emails from the leadership team members of each plan unit to keep this organized.
Thank you!
Scott Adams
Wildland Specialist
Evergreen Fire Rescue