Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Associations (EMHA) accepts donations by check or Zelle.   

1.  We have setup ZELLEZELLE is done through the bank and is free to use. If you would like to use ZELLE, sign into your bank and sign up with ZELLE.

It is Bank of the West, Evergreen Meadows HOA, email: They will de-posit the money directly into the HOA account.

By using ZELLE rather than PayPal, it will save us quite a bit of money since their rates have increased.

2. Check: Via Check (cash is also accepted) — write a personal check and mail it to the following address:

     Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association
     P.O. Box 2228
     Evergreen, CO 80437
     (note the zip code is 80437, not 80439)

    Be sure to include your name (and other adult names in your household), home address, and email address.