Dues Campaign Ballot

This year’s dues letter includes a ballot where homeowners can vote on 4 proposed covenant changes.  

A provision in Covenant 22 provides for amending the covenants by a majority vote rather than a 2/3 portion vote of the owners. This action is only permitted every ten years. Any changes will occur on January 1, 2019. The HOA lawyer has verified that a covenant may be altered if a majority of owners, regardless of membership in the HOA, vote to change that covenant by a majority vote. 243 votes are necessary to change a covenant.  

Ballots will be accepted beginning November 2, 2018 but no later than December 31, 2018.   Please submit your ballot via one of the 3 options.

  1.  On the ballot mailed in the annual dues letter, use the self-stamped envelope to return your ballot, updated form information and dues payment.

  2.  The EMHA mailing address is on the website's header.as shown below.
P.O. Box 2228
Evergreen, CO 80437
  1. Follow the directions below to upload your completed, scanned ballots to the web page shown below.

    1. Complete your ballot by ensuring your name and signature are on the form.
    2. Computer scan your completed ballot which creates an updated ballot document.
    3. Go to the EMHA web page - Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association Voting Ballot – Fall 2018 Upload.  
      1. Fill out the form details which include your address, name and contact information.
      2. Click the bottom Add File tab under the Please upload your file here which will result in an Insert file form.
      3. This is where you attach your Updated ballot document from either your computer, disk or other computer peripheral where you document is stored.  Follow those instructions.
      4. Once the file is successfully uploaded, you will see the upload button on the Insert file form.   Press that button.

Should you want to verify that your file was successfully upload, please Email the board at board@emha.us, and we can confirm its receipt, or assist you with any other ballot delivery questions.