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EMHA Official Documents Overview

The Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association (EMHA) is a Colorado nonprofit corporation that represents the interests of its members and property owners.   The EMHA provides a variety of services to our community, including managing shared properties owned by the association, as well as enforcing the protective covenants which in various forms have been assigned to all properties within the Evergreen Meadows subdivision (Units 1 through 9).    

Below are the official documents that guide the “corporate” responsibilities of the Association:


Evergreen Meadows is blessed with a beautiful mountain environment that supports a wonderful array of wildlife.   The goal of the Declaration of Covenants is to allow our ~490 property owners to harmoniously live in the area without unnecessarily detracting from the natural beauty nor disrupting the wildlife habitat. All property owners within Evergreen Meadows (whether paid EMHA members or not) are subject to the covenants.  The Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association (EMHA) is specifically chartered with the responsibility to enforce these covenants, originally developed in the 1970s and revised in December of 1988 by a majority vote of more than two-thirds of all affected property owners.   These 1988 covenants are enforced today.

Architectural and Construction Guidelines

Since the original development of Evergreen Meadows, all construction undertaken within the development (whether new construction or changes to existing structures), has been subject to review by the EMHA Board or its designated review committee.  After more than 15 years of experience with the original covenants, the owners decided the community would be served by a new Declaration. The 1988 revision of the Covenants provides better clarity as to objectives of the review and standards for the evaluations, and detailed architectural and construction Guidelines were formally adopted by the Evergreen Meadows community in the fall of 1994.  Here are the 1994 architectural and construction guidelines enforced today.  


The Bylaws of the Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association define how the Association is to be organized and how it conducts its corporate responsibilities as proscribed by the Articles of Incorporation.    The Bylaws specify the requirements for membership in the Association, meetings, voting and quorums at those meetings.    The Bylaws define the organization’s structure and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, Officers and Standing Committees.  The Bylaws also outline appeal procedures if a property owner objects to a decision and/or feels that the covenants or guidelines have been inappropriately interpreted in their case.  Lastly, the Bylaws provide a process required to amend the Bylaws.  The EMHA's current Bylaws click here..

Rules and Regulations 

The content, organization and publication of these Evergreen Meadows official documents is intended to encourage voluntary compliance by all residents.  At the same time, the documents provide enforcement provisions.  In order to fulfill the Board’s responsibility, the Rules and Regulations have been established to ensure fair and equitable enforcement of the covenant provisions and to represent the interests of all residents of Evergreen Meadows.  The Rules and Regulations from March 2009 and legally applicable to the common area can be found --> here.


A page of “Frequently Asked Questions” serves as a quick reference guide to residents dealing with covenants and architectural issues. 

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