Fencing and Screening Criterion

The Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association Board unanimously adopted the following ARB Approval Review Criterion on May 27, 2020, for the 2019 Architectural Guidelines, Appendix B. Fencing and Screening Guidelines. It is not a change to the current Guidelines, but rather a review criterion to clarify how Appendix B. Section A. Materials of the Guidelines will be interpreted by the ARB. The Guideline is In “quotes” and bold; the review criterion follows.

The 2019 Architectural Guidelines, Appendix B. Fencing and Screening Guidelines, Section A. Materials establishes that:
 “Wooden, decorative fencing such as split-rail and milled log rail is preferred as it is compatible with our mountain environment.”

Review Criterion:
Dimensional lumber fencing may be approved under the following conditions:
(1) Fencing shall be wooden and include no more than 25% coverage of the vertical fenced area with boards measured from the ground to the top of the top board;
(2) Top rail shall not exceed four feet above grade. Posts shall not exceed 72” above grade.
(3) Posts shall not exceed 4” by 4”; railing boards shall not exceed 2” by 4”.
(4) Fencing up to three feet in height to top rail shall include at least two rails; fencing greater than three feet in height to top rail shall have at least three rails.
(5) Welded wire may be added to the inside of the fencing.
(6) Posts shall be topped with approved caps, typically metal or wood.