The Evergreen Fire Protection District (EFPD) has developed a Community Wildfire Protection Implementation Plan (CWPIP).  Details are provided in the following document - CWPIP-EVMDOWS HOA Handout  - as well as below.

As additional CWPP material is received, this web page will be updated.   

In the meantime, all questions can be directed to the contact names at the bottom of this presentation or through the EMHA board by Email at .

For information contact:

Evergreen Meadows west of Highway 73

·       Brian Meston:

·       Dave Reese:

                                                                  ·       Adam Scheid:                                                                                                                      

 Evergreen Meadows east of Highway 73

·       Pete Dunbar:

·       Tupper Briggs:

·       Don Payton:


·       John Chapman; Facilitator:

·       Frank Dearborn; Fire Marshal: