Materials & Color Criterion

The Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association Board unanimously adopted the following ARB Approval Review Criterion on May 20, 2020, for the 2019 Architectural Guidelines, Section 4.E. Exterior Materials, Finishes and Colors. It is not a change to the current Guidelines, but rather a review criterion to clarify how Section 4. E. Guidelines. will be interpreted by the ARB. In “quotes” and bold are the Guidelines; following each is the review criterion.

“All materials and colors shall be complementary to the environment.  Wood, stone or stucco materials are generally considered acceptable.”

“Generally” is intended as usually or normally but not always being acceptable.  Materials could be deemed unacceptable based on the appearance not being in harmony with the topography, which includes the surrounding environment and existing improvements, and/or not complementing existing structures on the property. 

Exposed materials for buildings and accessory structures will be considered if they simulate the appearance of stone, stucco or wood in grain or texture and are of an earth or forest tone with a muted finish. 

Materials of a smooth, untextured surface are not acceptable unless used for components such as windows and doors, facia, soffit, narrow-width trims, and gutter systems. 

Application of glass, other than for windows and solar is discouraged unless of a low-reflective type.

Metal roofing is acceptable if the color and finish complement the structure on which it is installed. 

“Exterior colors shall be neutral earth and forest tones.” 

Earth and forest tones shall be muted matte or flat finish.