EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting - March 31, 2011

Location: Conference Baptist Church

  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. President, Secretary — Glenn Vandine
    2. Membership — Andy Potter
    3. Weed Committee — Judy Ostenaa
  • Residents:
    1. Steve Hoy
    2. Debby Humphrey
    3. Jim Gorman
Not in Attendance (Absent Board Members provided notice of not being able to attend this Board meeting):
  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. Covenants Control — Mark Kelly
    2. Architectural Review — Steve Rooney
    3. Treasurer — Gary Justus
    4. Special Events — Cathy Goodheart

Session commenced at approximately 7:01 PM
  1. Glenn opened the meeting.
  2. Glenn mentioned the Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the EMHA website at http://www.emha.us.
  3. Gary was absent and was not able to provide the Financial Report.
    • The Board will ask Gary to provide a summary financial report in the next quarterly newsletter.
  4. Steve was absent and was not able to provide an update for the Architectural Review Board.
    • There were no open issues at this time.
    • An article was included in the latest Newsletter about the ARB.
  5. Mark was absent and was not able to provide the Covenants Control Report.
    • We're aware of one major issue - junk vehicle in the front yard and fence being erected without written approval from the ARB - Board is requesting these items to be resolved ASAP.
  6. Andy provided an update for Membership.
    • There are 490 Properties in Evergreen Meadows - the Board represents this community - there are 43 properties near but not in the EMHA (this includes Evergreen Springs and other areas like Summit Trail) - there are 286 paid members (voluntary dues - $35 per year) - 60% paying members - there are opportunities to increase the membership.
    • Jim Gorman - are there opportunities to advertise to increase the membership - how about demonstrating the benefits and features to membership in order to create a 'carrot' for all those who aren't currently members?
    • Judy suggested that we utilize LAM Tree Service for weed control - opportunity to offer a discount to member residents for weed control - possibly a discount - we really need to get on board with the fire mitigation process - can LAM help with that as well.
  7. We have a new volunteer for helping with Special Events, Cathy Goodheart. She was absent and was not able to provide an update, but the 2011 events are listed in the latest newsletter.
    • Glenn mentioned the next event is the Easter Egg Hunt on April 16th - need volunteers to stuff eggs.
    • Debby mentioned an idea about having a table setup to collect membership - should have a flyer to illustrate the benefits of being a member.
    • Coming this summer - Neighborhood Garage Sale - July 15th - 16th - Members get their names in the listing in the newspaper.
  8. Judy provided the Weed Report
    • There is a new page on the EMHA website illustrating the various noxious weeds in our community - we need to be concerned about the various grass weeds as well - if there was a fire, the grassy areas can be very dangerous - Jim mentioned that he carries a spray bottle of Roundup when he walks his dog - people should also cleanup after their dogs.
    • Spring is best time to spray weeds - we should spray within the next couple and then again in early to mid August - Debby provided a motion to contract LAM Tree Service to spray the common areas in Evergreen Meadows.
    • There are 5 common areas that need to be sprayed - Judy would like to plan a weed day, sometime in June - how about a weed education day - anyone with ideas should contact Judy at 303.674.5614.
  9. Glenn provided the Landscaping Committee Report.
    • Due to lack of volunteers, need to cancel the Clean-up Day and Slash Day this year, but it’s not too late if there are volunteers interested in helping - last year, Clean-up day was in May and a couple weeks later, we had Slash Day.
    • Andy suggested that we consider doing the Clean-up Day again next year, on an every other year schedule.
  10. Unfinished business items
    • Need more volunteers.
    • Jim mentioned the primary reason for him being here is fire mitigation - in 2009, we had less than 10 fires up to this point in Colorado and so far, in 2011, we’ve had 38 fires in Colorado - DMP does not clean-up the falling trees - with the Board’s approval, Jim would like to call the DMP and Forest Service to bring the timber down to the road and cut it - we would award folks without firewood to keep the firewood - DMP 303.697.4545 AJ Tripp Adderson.
  11. New Business items.
    • New items mentioned below in Action Items.
    • Next Board Meeting is on June 2nd - we can advertise.
Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM

From Previous Board Meeting:
  1. Contact the Board, if you’re interested in assisting with Events or other volunteer opportunities.
New Items:
  1. Follow-up with Ryan at LAM Tree Service - contract to spray Judy Ostenaa by 4/15/11.
  2. Setup Membership table at Events - Glenn Vandine.
  3. Call DMP to discuss what EMHA doing fire mitigation - Jim Gorman by 4/30/11.