EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
Quarterly Board Meeting - June 2, 2011

Location: Conference Baptist Church

  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. President, Secretary — Glenn Vandine
    2. Special Events — Cathy Goodheart
    3. Landscaping, Fire Mitigation — Steve Hoy
    4. Treasurer — Gary Justus
    5. Covenants Control — Mark Kelly
    6. Weed Committee — Judy Ostenaa
  • Residents:
    1. Carl Pike
    2. Carol Pike
    3. Debby Humphrey
    4. Jim Gorman
Not in Attendance (Absent Board Members provided notice of not being able to attend this Board meeting):
  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. Membership — Andy Potter
    2. Architectural Review — Steve Rooney

Session commenced at approximately 7:02 PM (MT)
  1. Glenn opened the meeting.
  2. Glenn mentioned the Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the EMHA website at http://www.emha.us - Jim Gorman made a motion to accept the meeting notes and Glenn Vandine provided the second motion.
  3. Gary provided Treasurer's Report.
    • These balances do not reflect the newest membership dues, except for Paypal - occasionally, we pay bills using the PayPal account - Money Market account makes $.04 - $.05 per month, balance is $18,127.
    • The finances reflect a Fiscal calendar year of Jan 1 - Dec 31 while the Membership represent an April/May to the following April/May.
    • Major expenses go towards Easter Egg Hunt, Property taxes for 5 parcels (each approx 2 acres) - Mailings are expensive, but we've reduced it significantly, a lot of members are online and receive the newsletters via email instead of via print.
    • Spraying occurs in the common areas - once in the Spring and the second time in the Fall.
    • Jim Gorman motioned and Steve Hoy provided a second motion to accept the Treasurer's Report.
    • Full report (as printed in most recent newsletter):
      1. The EMHA Treasury remains in sound condition. Current balances (which include 22 PayPal memberships for $740.96 and no checks deposited yet) are as follows:
        Bank of the West checking - $7,816.10
        PayPal - $3,058.10
        DWS Money Market (3-31-2011) - $7,253.05
        Total - $18,127.25
      2. In 2011 funds have been expended for the Easter Egg Hunt, Jeffco property taxes, a membership mailing and a newsletter mailing, the annual South Evergreen Water District fee, membership software, meeting fees, and Colorado Secretary of State corporation annual filing. These totaled $1509.70. The water district fee was appealed to the SEWD Board and no response was ever received. EMHA has one commons property in that district, but no well or intent to construct one.
      3. Large expenditures anticipated are for two weed sprayings of four of the commons properties, covenant enforcement legal fees, newsletter mailings, and events such as the garage sale and summer picnic for all residents.
      4. The budget audit last October was conducted by Debbie Humphrey and all items were found to be in order. Any member with questions may pose them and they will be answered.
      5. EMHA annual dues at $35 are the lowest of any HOA I know of. I welcome the participation of every resident in sharing this small burden equally. Have you paid yours?
  4. Steve was absent and was not able to provide an update for the Architectural Review Board.
    • Glenn to list the various ARB requests here:
      1. proposed garage on Man-O-War Trail and 1 proposed carport on Citation Trail
      2. proposed new roof and (2) proposed pet fences
    • Mark reminded us about the letter from the resident about the pet fences.
    • An article was included in the latest Newsletter about the ARB.
  5. Mark provided the Covenants Control Report.
    • We're aware of one major issue - junk vehicle in the front yard and fence being erected without written approval from the ARB - Board is requesting these items to be resolved ASAP - there have been a number of letters written to the homeowner - a new letter will be mailed to the homeowner.
    • Issue about home with a number of recreational vehicles and swimming pool on the property - a letter will be drafted to this resident.
    • Received a complaint about dirt bike riding - a letter was sent to the homeowner on 4/28 discussing the noxious activities.
    • Property near the corner of Red Fox and Prairie Dog where resident is storing junk on the property.
    • We desperately need more Covenant volunteers to help with enforcing the covenants - have block captains to be responsible for their specific sections.
  6. In Andy's absence, Gary provided an update for Membership.
    • 198 paid members so far in 2011-12 (42.2% of 469 EM property owners) -- on pace to match last year's 286
      1. 286 paid members in 2010-11
      2. 288 paid members in 2009-10
      3. 222 paid members in 2008-09
    • 333 homeowners have supplied 1 or more email address (71.0% of 469 EM property owners).
    • 441 total email addresses on file.
    • 172 homeowners receive 'mail only' (36.7%), just 28 of these 172 (or 16%) are paid members.
    • Jim suggested again providing dues paying members a discount / reward on our various programs, like the Slash Program. For instance, charge these members a lower price for being involved in these programs..
  7. Cathy provided an update for Events:.
    • Two upcoming events - garage sale (members only) and picnic.
    • Let's plan to have Mark's son do the lawn mowing for the ball field.
  8. Judy provided the Weed Report
    • Article in this 2nd quarterly newsletter about a discount from LAMs Tree Service.
    • Was going to spray our common areas, but it was too windy - should we notify folks who live near the common areas when we're doing the spraying and warn them to keep their animals indoors - Judy will ensure that she is the main point of contact.
    • Judy mentioned the "When and Weeds" event at her home - handed out flyers - it's important to keep the weeds under control - residents can complain if you're not keeping up with the weeds on your property - see the website at http://www.cwma.org for more details.
    • Judy will request that an email reminder will be sent about the "Wine and Weeds".
  9. Steve H. provided the Landscaping Committee Report.
    • Article in latest newsletter about future slash day - Steve H. spoke to Matt's Tree Service and LAMs Tree Service - since there is a concern about running a business out of home, there may be an opportunity to utilize a new vendor.
    • Steve contacted DMP about the fallen trees and getting the fallen trees removed - DMP is willing to work with our residents - Steve will circle back around to check the status - we've been contacted by a resident mentioning that his property is adjacent to JeffCo property - how about sending letters to DMP and JeffCo from EMHA .
  10. Unfinished and new business items
    • Wed. June 8th at 7 PM - Evergreen Lakehouse - history of the 10th Mountain Division.
    • Items mentioned below in Action Items.
    • Next Board Meeting is on Thurs. August 25th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM (MT) - (reminder to remove the signs announcing the meeting)

From Previous Board Meeting:
  1. Contact the Board, if you're interested in assisting with Events or other volunteer opportunities - send emails to remind the community - Residents - Ongoing
  2. Setup Membership table at Events - Glenn V. - Ongoing
New Items:
  1. Follow-up with Ryan at LAM Tree Service - contract to spray Judy Ostenaa by 4/15/11 - Done
  2. Setup booth for Weed Education Day - Judy Ostenaa - Done
  3. Call DMP to discuss what EMHA is doing for fire mitigation - Jim Gorman/Steve H. by 4/30/11 - Done
  4. Follow-up on letter from the resident about the pet fences - Glenn V - Done
  5. Change distribution of voicemails and faxes to Glenn & Andy, not Board - Andy - Done