EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
Quarterly Board Meeting - August 25, 2011

Location: Conference Baptist Church

  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. President— Glenn Vandine
    2. Secretary — Carol Pike
    3. Membership — Andy Potter
    4. Landscaping, Fire Mitigation — Steve Hoy
    5. Treasurer — Gary Justus
    6. Covenants Control — Mark Kelly
    7. Weed Committee — Judy Ostenaa
  • Residents:
    1. Kenny Smith
    2. Marty Trinkino
    3. Alan Rockwood (new resident)
    4. Debby Humphrey
    5. Jim Gorman
Not in Attendance (Absent Board Members provided notice of not being able to attend this Board meeting):
  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. Special Events — Cathy Goodheart
    2. Architectural Review — Steve Rooney

Session commenced at approximately 7:02 PM (MT)

  1. Glenn opened the meeting.
  2. Glenn mentioned the Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the EMHA website at http://www.emha.us - Jim Gorman made a motion to accept the meeting notes and Glenn Vandine provided the second motion.
  3. In Cathy's absence, Glenn provided an update for Events:
    • Glenn discussed the picnic and mentioned the attendance was pretty low - the attendance was low this year and the question was raised if the picnic should be continued. A positive reaction about its continuation began a discussion which included more activities, a change of venue and more lead time with time and date announcements.
    • there is more use of the ball field since it's been mowed - Jim suggested that we could request an RSVP - last weekend before school starts - perhaps not a good date.
  4. Andy mentioned that we are hiking Berrian Mountain on Saturday at 9 AM - it's a 3 hour hike.
  5. Judy provided a Weed Report - it's been a pretty repetitive process, weeds have been invading the neighborhood and influencing the native plants - feel free to contact Judy about any questions you have about weeds - some weeds require spraying - encourage you to talk to your neighbors - have a sign-up sheet from the picnic - plan to create a weed control committee - will compose a letter to homeowners asking if they are aware of their situation - Mark suggested creating a form letter that could be checked based on the specific issue - could consider sending an email to the neighborhood educating them about the presence of weeds - pictures of weeds are available on the website - we could discuss the weed issue with JeffCo for the open space.
  6. Andy provided the Membership Report - there are 468 homes in Evergreen Meadows and there were 254 paid members (54%) - 70% of the homes provide email addresses - those without email addresses are less engaged - it may be worth getting the folks in Evergreen Springs involved.
  7. Kenny with Colorado Nature and Design and Marty with Alpencrest - raised a concern about ensuring we have sign coverage with all 5 entrances - the signs will be placed in the right of way area - as a general rule, JeffCo doesn't like to landscape the right of way - should we have the key, larger signs for the main entrances and smaller signs at the remaining 3 entrances - should we request a special fund for the community - ensure the new design will account for the temporary signs.
    • Marty provided some ideas that included large boulders or a slab - could we ask neighbors to donate their boulders, EMHA to pay for the labor for moving the boulders, keep the existing signs, approx cost is $400 - should we include a weed barrier & mulch, border around the sounds - use a big slab (6' x 8' x 6” thick for engraving), rose colored, cost is $600, engraving is $1,000 (16 characters), total would be $3,500 per sign
    • Kenny recommended using boulders, use a trex edging on the back side to minimize the weed - use small river rock to help keep the deer and elk from walking in that area (deer proof) - need to be concerned about mulch as it blows away - need to have people take care of the area - keep the existing sign - could request an artist to paint the signs - suggest doing this in phases- approx cost is $11K
    • A committee will be formed and report to the Board with a proposal to present in the next newsletter and at the annual meeting.
    • Alan mentioned this is an opportunity to provide some branding for Evergreen Meadows, create a very prominent sign for the main entrance and then smaller, simpler signs in the remaining entrances.
    • Judy mentioned that we should budget money for the ongoing maintenance of the signs - need to move forward quickly since we received feedback from the community two years ago.
  8. Steve mentioned that we got organized last weekend and completed some chipping of slash
    • the chipping included the ten dead trees in the stand of trees next to the ball field.
    • there's an opportunity to do this again, possibly earlier in the year, utilizing a larger chipper, and coordinating with the local slash days.
    • a Park Ranger (Lonnie Smith) from DMP was walking on the Armadillo Trail and provided a letter - concerned about ATVs, cutting down and marking trees - Steve will craft a formal response from the EMHA Board to mention that we understand their concerns and express our concerns - a motion was made by Carol and seconded by Andy to write a letter.
  9. Gary provided the Treasurer's Report.
    • Provided the Board with misc. mail items and requested approval to pay bills.
    • After paying bills, our balance will be slightly less than $20K.
    • We bring in almost $9K per year for Membership Dues.
    • Do we have a budget for signs? The above-mentioned committee will discuss and propose a budget to the Board for their approval, prior to the next Board meeting. This proposal will be provided to the community for informational purposes..
  10. Mark provided the Covenants Control Report.
    • We're aware of one major issue - junk vehicle in the front yard and fence being erected without written approval from the ARB - Board is requesting these items to be resolved ASAP - there have been a number of letters written to the homeowner - a new letter will be mailed to the homeowner - a second letter from the attorney will be mailed.
    • Issue about home with a number of recreational vehicles and swimming pool on the property - a letter will be drafted to this resident.
  11. Steve was absent and was not able to provide an update for the Architectural Review Board
    • There's a home being remodeled at the bottom of Armadillo Trail - forgot to request ARB.
    • There may be a riding ring being installed off of Tim Tam Way - this is most likely not zoned by JeffCo for horses - need to notify JeffCo of this situation.
  12. Unfinished and new business items:
    • Items mentioned below in Action Items.
    • Next Board Meeting is scheduled for Thurs. October 27th at 7 PM - this is the annual meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 PM (MT) - (reminder to remove the signs announcing the meeting)

From Previous Board Meeting:
  1. Contact the Board, if you're interested in assisting with Events or other volunteer opportunities - send emails to remind the community - Residents - Ongoing
  2. Setup Membership table at Events - Glenn V. - Ongoing
New Items:
  1. Proposal and plan for entrance signs - establish a committee - Board - Next Board Meeting