EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
Quarterly Board Meeting and Annual Homeowners Meeting - October 27, 2011

Location: Conference Baptist Church

  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. President — Glenn Vandine
    2. Secretary — Carol Pike
    3. Membership — Andy Potter
    4. Landscaping, Fire Mitigation — Steve Hoy
    5. Treasurer — Gary Justus
    6. Covenants Control — Mark Kelly
    7. Weed Committee — Judy Ostenaa
  • Residents:
    1. James Gorman
    2. Margaret Thompson
    3. Debby Humphrey
    4. James Meinders
    5. Peter Dulken
    6. Candice & Alan Rockwood
    7. Wendi Van Lake & Mark Vakoc
Not in Attendance (Absent Board Members provided notice of not being able to attend this Board meeting):
  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. Special Events — Cathy Goodheart

Session commenced at approximately 7:12 PM (MT)
  1. Glenn opened the meeting.
  2. Glenn mentioned the Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the EMHA website at http://www.emha.us - Jim Gorman made a motion to accept the meeting notes and Glenn Vandine provided the second motion.
  3. Election for the 2012 Board Members - Glenn mentioned, "I declare that a quorum of the Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association is present. Is there an objection? As there are no objections, this is an official annual meeting." - additional proxy votes have been received in the mail and online.
  4. Gary provided Treasurer's Report - see separate report
    • We will request that Debby Humphrey helps us with another audit when Gary mentioned that he was hoping that Debby would help with another audit she nodded her head in agreement.
    • Gary motioned to adopt the proposed budget - Jim Gorman provided the second motions - unanimously approved.
    • There is discussion to purchase some entrance signs - the cost will have to be amended to the budget by approval of the Board at a future meeting.
    • We pay our attorney to help with covenant enforcement -questions were asked if we are getting a return on our investment for the attorney fees - can we avoid utilizing an attorney if we filed the lawsuit in a small claims court - Mark Kelly gave examples of the ways the attorneys help with covenant enforcement.
  5. Carol provided an update on the entrance signs.
    • In 2009, a questionnaire was sent out asking for input from the community about entrance signs, event signs and entrance landscaping. In response to that questionnaire, the board has now undertaken a project to address those needs.
    • During the last Board meeting two professional landscapers attended and provided proposals for landscaping and signs
    • Submitted RFP to vendor to have him create a proposal for the signs.
    • Peter commented that he didn't understand what the big deal was that all you had to do was stick something temporary out like people do all the time (assumed he was referring to open house signs, garage sale signs, etc).
  6. Steve Hoy provided the Landscape Report
    • Most of the work this year has been fire mitigation - fire mitigation from the homeowners as well as JeffCo and DMP - notification in the newsletter, received response from a few homeowners - contacted tree service companies to request group discount - prices were high.
    • One chipping day in August had 6 property owners, including the HOA - hope to continue this next year with multiple chipping dates - coordinate with local slash collection, use a larger chipper.
    • Denver Mountain Park (DMP) and JeffCo properties - there will be a number of additional conversations with JeffCo and DMP.
    • DMP provided local residents with a letter about ATVs utilizing the area - Steve and Glenn are working on providing a response to DMP about this matter.
  7. Jim Gorman discussed Fire Mitigation
    • there is a 4% budget cut for JeffCo - in 2009 there were 82 major fires in Colorado whereas in 2010 there were 385 major fires in Colorado, 3 homes were struck by lightning in Evergreen Meadows.
    • 4 mile canyon fire in Boulder caused by homeowner burning his slash, fire traveled 83 acres in 3 hours, only 12 homes were saved .
    • the BLM has asked the HOAs to improve fire mitigation - major focus is ground creep, remove weeds and grass - West side looks pretty good whereas the East side needs some help.
    • Fire Mitigation tips - remove weeds, grass, pine needles, leaves, bark, remove limbs from tree (minimum of 6 feet), coordinate slash removal with local chipping and slash collection days.
    • From a Fire Department perspective, they will focus their attention on homes that have been properly fire mitigated.
  8. Unfinished and new business items:
    • Contact the Board, if you're interested in assisting with Events or other volunteer opportunities - send emails to remind the community. - Residents responsibility
    • Setup Membership table at Events. - Glenn Vandine responsibility
    • Proposal and plan for entrance signs - establish a committee - Board responsibility