EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
Quarterly Board Meeting and Annual Homeowners Meeting - February 23, 2012

Location: Conference Baptist Church

  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. President — Glenn Vandine
    2. Landscaping, Fire Mitigation — Steve Hoy
    3. Treasurer — Gary Justus
  • Residents:
    1. None
Not in Attendance (Absent Board Members provided notice of not being able to attend this Board meeting):
  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. Membership — Andy Potter
    2. Special Events — Cathy Goodheart
    3. Covenants Control — Tom Kist
    4. Weed Committee — Judy Ostenaa
    5. Architectural Review Board — Alan Rockwood

Session commenced at approximately 7:07 PM (MT)
  1. Glenn opened the meeting and mentioned the Board Meeting Minutes can be found on the EMHA website at http://www.emha.us.
  2. Upcoming Special Events
    • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Summer Picnic
    • Berrian Mountain Hike
    • Community Clean-Up Day
  3. Landscape Report
    • Slash Removal: Glenn returned the check for 285 Rental for $100 to Gary to void the check, we'll revisit the JeffCo open space during the summer months - should we organize a Slash Removal Event? We'll publish information about the slash collection sites throughout the summer - DMP doesn't have funds available to help, but there's a possibility that JeffCo will help with the JeffCo open spaces.
    • Weeds: Judy most likely will not be available to assist with Weed Spraying this year, we spend approximately $2,000 per year, there may be an opportunity to reduce that amount via "spot spraying", we'll be asking for bids from other weed spraying vendors.
    • Signage: Steve provided a deck about the approach for the signage project - sign history & background, questionnaire results, Contractor Summary, Requirements & Next Steps - can we earmark an amount of the budget - the Board directs the tentative direction for Steve Hoy to develop a proposed budget of up to $15,000 to provide a proposal for signs for up to 5 entrances, which includes an implementation schedule, over a proposed period of time - Gary provided the second motion.
  4. Gary provided the Treasurer's report
    • Glenn proposed to adopt the 2012 budget and Gary provide the second motion- we can allocate funds in the future for the above-mentioned signage proposal.
    • Postage fees have decreased and legal fees have remained consistent due to legal fees associated with covenant issues.
  5. Glenn provided the ARB report from Alan
    • We have received inquiries and approval requests from four homeowners
    • 1/25 home on Grizzly Way - request to have contractor install composite siding with stone veneer trim on existing structure, no color change. Status - approved.
    • 2/06 Amadio Home location not known - inquiry about installing a greenhouse structure on a garden area. Status - additional information was requested from the homeowner that has not been received. (May well be a non-issue.)
    • 2/14 home on Swaps Trail - request for approval of garage and second story addition. Status - architectural drawings have been received, approval pending (I would recommend approval if it is on the agenda tonight.)
    • 2/17 home on Malamute Drive - inquiry for need for approval and potential contractors. Status - confirmed need for approval and waiting for more definition of project scope.
    • New issue for the perhaps next meeting: I would propose a joint effort by ARB, Landscaping and weed control to sponsor and award/prizes for the best landscaping project at the driveway or home entry that use native plants and enhances the curb appeal of the property. If we have a Christmas Light award why not landscape project. (I'm not suggesting that the Lighting awards be dropped).
  6. Glenn provided the Covenants report
    • Issue with neighbor dispute - provided letter for Mark to review, Glenn to follow-up
    • Remaining issues: junk vehicle
  7. Glenn provided the Membership report
    • We need to find a volunteer to help with Membership - can we hire some high school students to create the dedicated mailing and process the payments - membership drive is normally completed in April
  8. Unfinished and new business items:
    • Contact the Board, if you're interested in assisting with Events or other volunteer opportunities
    • Proposal and plan for entrance signs - assigned this to Steve Hoy
    • Gary wrote a check for the building use for Conference Baptist Church for $200 which covers 2011 and 2012
    • Next meeting is scheduled for May 31st

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM (MT) - (reminder to remove the signs announcing the meeting)

From Previous Board Meeting:
  1. Contact the Board, if you're interested in assisting with Events or other volunteer opportunities - send emails to remind the community - Residents - Ongoing
  2. Setup Membership table at Events - Glenn V. - Ongoing
  3. Proposal and plan for entrance signs - establish a committee - Steve - Ongoing
New Items:
  1. None