EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 1/26/06

Attendees: Sue Freytag, Craig Cox, Vick Coppage, Freddie Newton, Clara Mizenko, Sandy Kenczewicz, Gayle Gordon

Board positions were nominated and elected:
  • President:  Sue Freytag
  • Treasurer :  Sandy Kenczewicz
  • Covenants:  Gayle Gordon
  • Membership:  Craig Cox
  • Architecture Review:  Freddie Newton
  • Weeds:  Vicki Coppage
  • Vice President:  Open
  • Special Events:  Open
  • Secretary:  Rotate for now
Old Business:
  • Transition to new officers
    • Freddie will email Craig the membership list. Craig needs to monitor the Canyon Courier for new residents.
  • Meadowlark
    • Clara needs articles 3 weeks before we want the Meadowlark to go out.
    • Board agreed that the Feb-Mar issue will go out in March and articles need to go to Clara by 2/15/06. (email to webmaster@emha.us)
  • Web site
    • Clara explained how the web site email works, e.g. an email sent to treasurer@emha.us will be forwarded to Sandy.
  • The Easter Egg Hunt will be April 8 at 10:30 am.
  • There will be a separate mailing for membership dues in April.
New Business:
  • Insurance
    • Our current policy is $1727. It covers Board Members and properties.
    • Sandy suggested that we publicize the benefits homeowners receive from our insurance.
    • Freddie will give Craig a copy of our current policy, and he will get another quote.
  • Fire station property
    • 2/3 of residents will need to vote to change the covenants to allow for land use other than the fire station.
    • The Board agreed to invite Joel to our next meeting.
  • Other
    • Freddie raised a concern about the “ice field” across from the ball field. After discussion, it was agreed that the “ice field” is on private property.
The next meeting will be February 23, 2006.