EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 2/23/06

Attendees: Sue Freytag, Craig Cox, Freddie Newton, Sandy Kenczewicz, Gayle Gordon, Michelle Parr, Susie Mickel, Kathryn Nichols

Visitors: Joel Janov (Fire Chief), Phil Shanley (Fire District Board President)

  1. Freddie introduced Michelle Parr, Susie Mickel, and Kathryn Nichols. They have agreed to do Evergreen Meadows Special Events.

  2. Fire Department Land Discussion

    Sue Introduced Joel Janov and Phil Shanley. Joel and Phil explained that the Fire Department would like to sell their lot in Evergreen Meadows since they no longer have need for it. Revenue would likely be used to remodel and refurbish living quarters in the Evergreen ambulance facility.

    In order to sell the land, the EMHA Covenants will have to be changed. This change requires a positive vote by 2/3 of the residents (approximately 266 residents.) We agreed that the best sale options are for residential or religious use. Joel and Phil agreed that the Fire Department would fund a flyer and/or letter explaining the Covenant change and the ballot.

    Action: Craig agreed to talk to the neighboring land owners.

  3. Minutes from the January meeting were modified and approved.

  4. Committee Reports
    • Membership:  Craig Cox
      1. Craig is investigating using PayPal
    • Architecture Review:  Freddie Newton
      1. Freddie discussed a complaint about a house color that had not been approved. She sent the owners a letter. Action: Sue will follow-up.
      2. Freddie presented building plans that the Architecture Committee had approved.
    • Weeds:  Vicki Coppage
      1. Gayle reported that Judy Ostenaa is willing to help Vicki.
    • Special Events:  Michelle, Susie, and Kathryn
      1. The Easter Egg Hunt was discussed.
      2. Other events planned include the garage sale, picnic, and holiday lights.
  5. Old Business:
    • Insurance
      1. No update.
  6. New Business:
    • As requested by a resident, Craig suggested constructing a half-pipe. There was no support by the Board.
    • The house at the entrance on Gray Fox has not met the terms of their construction approval. Action: Gayle will see if the letter was sent to them.
The next meeting will be March 23, 2006.