EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 3/30/06

Attendees: Sue Freytag, Craig Cox, Vicki Coppage, Gayle Gordon

The minutes were approved with one change. Membership - Craig Cox
  • The Board approved the redesigned dues form.
  • Craig will prepare the letter and set up a PayPal account.
Covenants - Gayle Gordon
  • Gayle received an email complaining about the Grizzly house color and a house on Armadillo (Gray Fox?) with a couch out front. She will investigate.
Old Business
  • Sue gave Craig a copy of the insurance policy to get cost and coverage comparisons.
  • Sue moved to amend our covenants to change the Malamute property designation from fire department to residential. Vicki seconded the motion. Sue will draft the language which the Board will review. The fire district will have to pay for the information flyer distribution and legal fees.
  • Gayle will call the Kula’s about not meeting the architecture agreement terms.
  • Sue reported that the Grizzly house will be sold and the paint color issue will be addressed.
New Business
  • Vicki announced a new Weed website that she will link to through EMHA’s site.
  • Garage sale - it is unclear if there is interest.
  • Sue stated that we need to recruit for a full-time Board Secretary.