EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 6/22/06

Attendees: Sue Freytag, Dick Page, Vicki Coppage, Gayle Gordon, Michelle Parr, Freddie Newton, Sandy Kenczewicz

The minutes from April were approved.

President’s Report - Sue

Treasurer’s Report - Sandy
  • Sandy estimated that we have about $7700.38 end of May. $6730 has been paid in dues.
  • Sandy will check on our postage account
Covenants - Gayle
  • Kula - they have met our previous requests.
  • Dyer - the old car and miscellaneous junk has been removed from the Gray Fox address per request.
  • Berg - no action will be taken on their complaint.
  • The snow mobiles will be removed in August.
Architecture Review - Freddie
  • Some changes are being made without approval. When there are precedents, it is hard to enforce architecture requirements.
  • Freddie has a list of addresses.
  • Freddie will contact the Malamute house that built an oversized garage.
  • Freddie will write a letter to local realtors and we’ll try to pull a list periodically Sue will contact Sue Priest.

Add Craig’s report

Special Events
  • No garage sale because only 4 or 5 requests came in. We will consider it next year.
  • Summer picnic August 26th - We’ll send a 1 page flyer and mention membership, beetle kill - should go out in early Aug.
  • Vicki will look into alternatives to Foothills Vegetation for weed treatment next year.
Old Business
  • EVFD land:
    1. Sue sent our approved wording for the Covenant change to the EVFD, and they came back with an alternative.
    2. The Board agreed to try a mailing and, if we are short, the EVFD will go door to door.
    3. The Board approved language proposed by EVFD Gayle moved and Sandy seconded (will specify that they will pay all costs)
  • New Business
    1. Frog Hollow: Ron Lewis bought property on Frog Hollow for emergency access. Residents are concerned that this will become a major access to his new subdivision.
The next meeting will be Aug 24th.