Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association

Annual Meetings, 9/18/2007 and 10/25/2007

September 18, 2007
  1. Welcome and thanks for attending.

  2. Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department notified today that they would not be attending the meeting as planned.

  3. Current Board Members who were present introduced themselves and gave a brief update on happenings in their area. Relevant information presented included:

    • Treasurer: Budget was presented; insurance has been paid.
    • Weeds: State law requires the control of noxious weeds. The Water District is responsible for taking care of the land surrounding the retention ponds along Highway 73 (east side).
    • Covenants: Reminder to follow covenants, which helps the Meadows retain home values The board follows up on written complaints regarding covenant violations.
    • Membership: There are 251 paid member households this year. Members are encouraged to receive the newsletter via e-mail to decrease cost of mailings. Paypal is an option that people can employ, going onto the EMHA website and paying membership dues there with a credit card.
    • Special events: includes summer picnic, neighborhood garage sale, Easter egg hunt, holiday light contest. Please e-mail with other suggestions for events.

  4. It was proposed that a concerted effort be made to welcome new residents into Evergreen Meadows. Outreach to welcome new homeowners and let them know about the EMHA was agreed to be a good idea. Volunteers were solicited to help with this, with a blurb planned for the next Meadowlark.

  5. The land at Hwy 73 and Malamute owned by the Fire Department remains to be re-zoned to be used for a single family residence. They require 2/3 approval by neighborhood and have not yet received enough ayes. Comments or questions can be directed to the JCSO.

  6. Einar Jensen, information officer for the Evergreen Fire and Rescue attended the meeting and talked about fire response and mitigation. Wildfire risk is currently moderate to high.

    This year Evergreen Fire and Rescue is having a Safety Day at Marshdale, hoping to strengthen ties with south Evergreen. They are recruiting for volunteers at this time, and you can go to Evergreenfirerescue.com for more information.

    There is a Community Wildfire Protection Plan that will be available end of September. Having this increases opportunities for the area to receive grants to mitigate wildfire danger.

    Evergreen Fire district representatives are available to come to your land and recommend mitigation steps. Also, fire department information materials would be a possible addition to newcomer packets for new homeowners in the area.

  7. The slate of board members for EMHA for the coming year was approved by a majority, as counted by proxy and attendees’ votes.
Meeting was adjourned.

It was noted after adjournment that the meeting did not have the required quorum present as specified in the bylaws of EMHA covenants; per the covenants drawn up in 1994, the annual meeting requires attendance by 20% of paying members of EMHA, and voting for board members is not permitted by proxy.

October 25, 2007
  1. The Official 2007 Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association meeting was held during a Rockies World Series game. The Rockies got to the Series by winning 21/22 games in the last regular season and playoff games for one of the most incredible comebacks in sports history. The meeting was attended by more than 60 membership dues paying members, and therefore the 20% quorum was met.

  2. Members had a spirited discussion of the pros and cons of the proposed bylaw amendments. Finally, Brian Parsons made a motion to call the question, seconded by Don Reed.

  3. Revisions to the bylaws that reduce the required quorum physically present at the annual meeting to 10%, and permits voting by proxy were passed by the required 2/3 majority vote. Including proxy ballots, the final tally was 46 to 8 in favor of the amendments.

  4. The slate of board members for EMHA for the coming year was approved by a majority.