EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 11/9/06

Attendees: Sue Freytag, Craig Cox, Michelle Parr, Freddie Newton, Gayle Gordon and Joel Janov of Evergreen Fire Rescue.

Opened meeting with discussion of Fire Department property on Malamute. Sue will get third party legal review of proposed covenant change from Hindmann-Sanchez. Fire Department to pay legal fees. Discussed vote vs. Petition. Fire Depat. Legal review indicates calling for a petition per new HOA laws. Craig Cox made motion: Fianklize and get legal review for prposed covenant change and ballot language. Pending approval, send to Evergreen Fire and Rescue to complete petition. Gayle Gordon seconded motion. All in favor.

President’s Report - Sue
  • Meadowlark will go out in November.
  • Summarized SEWD annual meeting from October. SEWD placed money for weed spraying in 2007 budget. Jack Ryan will coordinate effort for SEWD. Encourage cooperation in our spraying efforts. Also, plan for 60K to repair dike on east side of second to last pond. Will use Boy Scout volunteers to do work. Also, Boy Scouts lined ditch with plastic and rip rap earlier this year. At SEWD annual meeting, Sue and Glen Mizenko offered SEWD use of emha.us for advertising their future annual meetings.
Membership Report - Craig
  • A few memberships are still trickling in. 40-50 members paid by Pay Pal, which cost $1.32 per transaction. About 220 members in all.
  • Building email lists. Hope to get as many emails as possible to: make timely notices (meetings, crime, animals, ets.) to entire neighborhood, and increase electronic Meadolwlark distribution. Have about 90 addresses now on Yahoo groups.
Treasurer's Report - No Report

Architecture Review - Freddie
  • Reauthorized the Carder’s home construction on Malamute. They expect to be done in January 2007. Morse’s garage is completed.
Covenants Report - No Report
  • Had written complaint on Benbows snowmobiles on Grizzly Way. Parked near street. Gayle called Todd Benbow. Not resolved; he says others are in violation. He will comply when everyone else does. He said he will send list of other violators.
Special Events
  • Michelle Parr will set out signs for Xmas lights on Thanksgiving weekend. Contest is Dec. 10. Submit candidates for best lights to Michelle before then for final judging.
Weeds - No Report

The next meeting will be December 10. It will be a Christmas party held at the same time as the Christmas Lighting Contest at Sue Freytag’s house.