Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association
Board Meeting, 7/26/2007

  1. May minutes reviewed and approved unanimously.

  2. Subcommittee reports:.

    • We’ve received 249 dues payments, a few through Paypal. We’d like to encourage members to use this method – reduces administrative burden. There are postcards mailed to remind those who have not paid their dues.
    • We are removing from the hard copy Meadowlark list anyone for whom we have e-mail address. We currently have 160 e-mail addresses. The next newsletter will be coming out in October.
    • We have $10,000 in HOA checking account, so $7000 will be transferred to HOA savings account.
    • The annual picnic is scheduled for August 25 from 11-2. The HOA will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, condiments and drinks. Attendance in the past has varied from 50-100. An e-mail reminder will go out, and the signs to the entrances to Evergreen Meadows will be put up. There was good turnout for the garage sale, with 9 official HOA participants and other homeowners having sales. Sales were good on Friday, lower on Saturday. No one will be retiring on their earnings.
    • In response to covenant violations complaint, letters have been sent from HOA to offenders. HOA continues to be contacted regarding certain offender. Let’s all try to be good neighbors.
    • Members of the board will follow up on the noxious weed situation and associated spraying. There will also be follow up on spraying and mowing of neighborhood common area. HOA will pay for the spraying of that common area. The Water district is responsible for the weeds on district property.

  3. The annual Evergreen Meadows HOA meeting is Tuesday, September 18 at 7:00 p.m. Board nominations for 2008 to be solicited through yahoo group and posted on website. Notice of the annual meeting and board nominees will be mailed by August 15 to HOA. Board membership will be voted on at the annual meeting.

  4. Sheriff Deputy Renfroe from Jeffco Sheriff will be attending the annual meeting to address any concerns of HOA and members. He will provide a report on the substation

  5. HOA received a request from HOA member to witness the ballot counting on the fire department issue. We will set a date to review to the ballots and that will be sent out. A representative will be attending the annual meeting on September 18.

  6. Our website developer welcomes putting breaking news onto the website. We can put the newsletter on the site as well.

  7. Meeting adjourned.