Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association
Board Meeting, 5/10/2007

Attendees: Craig, Christie, Chad, Nancy

  1. Review and approval of March minutes. Craig moved to approve minutes, seconded by Chad. So approved.

  2. Benbow Violation Complaints: Letter: a letter was drafted that addresses each issue identified in complaint letter. It was reviewed by a second board member and sent to the complainants.

  3. Option of using Paypal for HOA dues payments - people are using that to pay dues more frequently. Discussion of using Quikbooks for HOA accounting. Additional functionality will help with combination of data sources.

  4. Concerns of Coopers and Beale
    • Private driveway naming. They are unhappy. So noted. In closure letter we will let them know we are sorry that we couldn’t help them.
    • Fort issue. To be handled by private parties involved.

  5. Craig will follow up with Coopers and Beale.

  6. Slash pickup by Matt Armbruster: Approved to mention him in letter to EMHA residents.

  7. Other issues:
    New residents to Evergreen Meadows sent a letter to the board, saying they felt unwelcome to the neighborhood. Options for welcoming new residents, informing of EMHA activities were discussed.