EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 2/12/08

Time 7:15

Meeting was attended by Craig Cox, Kat Nichols, Michelle Parr, Freddie Newton, and Guest

Minutes were approved. Craig first and Kat second Craig said Glenn was out of town. Membership drive is starting. Glenn is going to send out an invoice. Kat asked if we sent bills out in Jan 2009 instead of waiting for March? We discussed that possibility. It was agreed that we would consider that for next year.

Special Events - The Easter Bunny suit will be $48.50 for the day. They are buying new eggs as the old ones are in bad shape. Michelle said she was going to let everyone know when the egg stuffing party would be. She is planning to use the signs to advertise that party.

Our guest suggested that to get more residence to participate in our membership that we offer members special discounts. It was also suggested that we only mail the Meadowlark to paying members. It was suggested that we put that information in the next hard copy Meadowlark so that all residence know that they will only get a Meadowlark if they are paying members.

The E-Meadowlark was a big hit. Everyone liked it. There was only one complaint about an article that suggested bomb fire.

Homeowner came to make a statement about his concerns with Matt Tree's Service. He said it appears to him that Matt is running a commercial business from his home. His machinery for his trade is on his property. He has even put in a illegal driveway to house his trucks. He asked not to be identified. There is discussions and a letter will go out to ask Matt to remove the machinery and vehicles. Since he was present for our meeting he suggested we offer more for our membership. His suggestion was to get surrounding business to offer a discount to Members of the HOA. Another member who was present stated there was another property the looked as if it was running a business on their property too! The property is on Armadillo Trail. They said they would write a letter too! Freddie said she would call Gayle and get the covenant information from her. The board will split the duties of the covenant position.

The meeting was adjourned.