EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 4/24/08

Present: Craig, Glenn, Nancy, Chad, Michelle, Freddie

Review of February minutes. Minutes approved.

  1. Invoice statements instead of Dues letter. For those who are on e-mail list the invoice will be e-mailed. The invoices look great!
  2. Special Events - it seems one of the signs have been lost somehow. Michelle will get another one. The next two special events are the Garage Sale in July and the picnic on August 23.
  3. Covenant issues
    4 properties that have been the targets of complaints
    • Armadillo Trail property use - will send a letter from the board, citing EMHA regulation that is being violated.
    • We should at least consult attorney for some formality to board requests. Money is in budget to do so.
    • Rental property on Peace Chance has junk. Will contact owners.
    • House on Citation has had stuff in yard for a long time.
    • Armadillo Trail property has second driveway installed
  4. First letter from board reminding violators of covenants etc, giving a heads up and expected date of compliance. Give 6-8 weeks to comply. Letter will be reviewed by our attorney for getting a template.
Next meetings Thursday, June 12 and Tues, August 12.

The Annual meeting is Tues, Sept 16.