EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 6/19/08

Present: Freddie, Craig, Glenn, Nancy, Michelle

  1. Board met to review relevant documentation to covenants and past violations and actions.
  2. There is a process of notification and enforcement of covenants via flow chart of events.
  3. Examples of covenant control issues include:
    • Lack of siding on a new construction
    • Trash on property
    • Lien placed on property for not following covenants
    • Too many trailers and boats
    • Numerous livestock and out of control animals
    • Storage of rec vehicles and unlicensed vehicles
    • Above ground pool to be removed
    • Maintenance of grounds noxious signs
    • Property line fence
    • Garage storage center
    • Snowmobiles stored
    • House color

    • All issues have been addressed pursuant to communication with the board regarding the issue.

      Relevant to Armadillo Trail business issue:
        Covenants states need to have business materials in permited storage.
          High fence put close to property
          Building that houses equipment - barn, morton shed
        He has to work with county on acceptable building - permit, approved by county
      Complaints from neighbors of impact on property values
      Property is against county regs
      Board has enforced fine of $500 for noncompliance in the past (one instance)

      We can propose that he come up with a proposal subject to certain guidelines

      Possible strategy - board allows open forum for concerned citizens to speak

  4. Grey Fox property has been cleaned up per the boards request. Some outstanding issues. Sending thanks.
  5. Need policy in place on handling covenants - policy and procedure to violations
  6. Armadillo Trail resident attended board meeting - to lay out options
    • Views of commercial vehicles are source of complaints
    • Proposing fence and gate covering driveway with 6-8 foot stockade fence
    • Process explained re submitting plans to Architectural Review Board and review
    • It was relayed that residents had mentioned going to the county to file a complaint and the resident does not want to get the county involved. The board expressed its preference to resolve the issue to the mutual satisfaction.
    • Expectations of fence - have for privacy, but fence is not for privacy in this case. Also property is not zoned for commercial, its’ zoned residential
    • Proposal to have behind house - grading problems and setback issues
    • No place to put vehicle closer to house to build fence, since fence is for privacy purposes only.
    • Will lay out proposal to be reviewed by board and ARB as a next step - to be emailed to Craig.
    • Deadline of July 12 for plans from resident
  7. Covenants policy to be published in newsletter.
  8. Armadillo break in - Sunday night. Alarm went off around 10:00 pm. Lower level patio door was open. Jeffco police took 45 minutes to respond.
  9. Housing sales. Let’s keep property values up.
  10. Newsletter template is in place
  11. Need names of potential board members asap. Solicit over email list and in next newsletter
  12. Membership solicitation in the newsletter - annual dues
  13. Let people know that they can notify the board of problems and we need it in writing to follow up
  14. Wind Turbine request - 100 foot turbine. Feedback that this turbine violates ARB guidelines.
  15. April meeting minutes were approved.
Next meeting is Tuesday August 12.

The Annual meeting is Tues, Sept 16.