EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 8/12/08

Present: Glenn, Craig, Freddie, Michelle

  1. June minutes were approved.
  2. Role of the board is simply to notify resident of covenant violation and instruct to follow our covenants. Per example of Violation of covenant by Armadillo Trail resident our duty was to relay violation of covenants not to solve the problem. Letter from board was sent to resident.
  3. Membership info to be sent out by Glenn
  4. Garage Sale - big turnout
  5. Picnic coming up August 23. Want to check an alternative to grilling out because of the work. Can possibly have subs, pizza. Have fire truck; check on clown. Will have jumping castle
  6. ARB
    Freddie sent letter July 24 regarding Citation property, and ungaraged motor vehicle. They have until end of the month (30 days). Will send a certified letter.
    Garage approved for Swaps Trail. Getting county variance for property issue.
    Approved painting of a house.
    Complaint re old truck, dog, and fencing material. Relayed by board and complaint responded to immediately
  7. Preparation for the annual meeting.
    Proposed to move meeting back to end of September to help in getting new members. New date is September 30.
    We need to send out notification of the annual meeting. Glenn will send what he sent out soliciting board members. Have to have it mailed out by August 28 to be in hand August 30.
    New board members. Have four volunteers.
    Send an email to Clara re email blast on board candidates.
  8. Mailings are 50/50 with e-mail and usps. Glenn and Christy will provide support to aid in transition to new board members.
  9. Proposed to send out a postcard with all special dates for Evergreen Meadows once a year.
  10. Look at reducing the frequency of the newsletter, and streamlining monthly e-mails. Include aggregate reporting of what has been going on. We should make recommendations to the new board to consider this as well as the requests we’re getting from members to supply hard copy versions on a regular basis.
  11. We should press for email communication rather than written newsletter. Make recommendation to new board to consider this.
  12. If we don’t get enough board members, will need to collapse functions. E.g., ARB and covenants; Membership, Finance and Newsletter. Continue to solicit covenant group members.
  13. Need to send the results of bylaw amendments to attorneys for updated HOA regs.
  14. Possibility of resurrecting the phone tree. Look for volunteer to do it. Maybe pair it with the welcoming committee.
  15. Need to schedule a meeting sometime in the fall. Probably in November. The new board takes effect January. The meeting in the fall should be used to help transition responsibilities and knowledge to the new board.
  16. Next meeting is the annual meeting on September 30.