EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 9/24/08

Conference Call 6:30 p.m.

  1. August meeting minutes approved.
  2. Documents - Agenda and ballot for the annual meeting were finalized. Copies will be made to bring to the meeting next week. Covenants document has been under discussion via e-mail. It was discussed distributing the highlights of the covenants and the flow chart for how covenant violations are handled. We would like to have a good discussion of the covenants at the annual meeting. There has been a lot of activity regarding covenants so it would be worthwhile to discuss these at the meeting. We could bring enough copies of the highlights and a few of the entire covenant document. Remove reference to levying of fine in the flow chart as this is not part of the process. There will be copies of the budget at the meeting also.
  3. Noxious weed spraying - We did not spray for weeds in the spring, and it has been suggested that we do spraying this fall. Fall spraying is reportedly effective in controlling weeds. We have the funds to do this. We will follow up with the Weed Guy.
  4. Newsletter - last newsletter went out in June. Glenn and Christy will help new volunteers do the newsletter before the end of the year. Christy will follow up with one volunteer; Kat volunteered to help if needed.
  5. Transition to new board - we need to close the loop on certain items and make recommendations to the new board, e.g., quarterly newsletter, weed spraying.