EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 10/16/08

Present: Jeff Courtney, Kathryn Nichols, Andy Potter, Craig Cox, Gary Justus, Glenn Vandine, Mark Kelly, Carol Pike and Freddie Newton.

7pm at Conference Baptist

  • Minutes from the Annual Meeting were approved. 1st by Glenn Vandine and then 2nd by Craig Cox and then approved by the rest of the board.
  • The two boards came together (new and old) so that the new board could be brought up to date with what was going on with ARB, Covenants, Membership and newsletter.
  • Glenn will be updating the treasurer’s report and will be the acting treasurer till the new board takes over in January 2009. Chad’s schedule has been so busy that he can no longer perform the duty.
  • Craig talked about our meeting joining the new members with the old members. He talked about how the old board was trying to bring the newsletter into a new era of the electronic newsletter. There have been many problems with the electronic newsletters, as a lot of home owners are feeling disconnected with not having a hard copy of the newsletter. Craig also discussed how we now offer to pay dues on Paypal. It cost the HOA $1.52 a check on Paypal. Craig told the new board it would be nice if they could get more homeowners to use Paypal. Membership notices were sent out electronically as well.
  • Special Events have been great due to the efforts of Kat Nichols and Michelle Parr. They have added extra special things to our events like the bouncy castle at our Annual Picnic and the Easter Bunny at the Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Our online newsletter was launched this year by Christy and Glenn Vandine. They have done a great job. There is talk about keeping the online newsletter going this next year.
  • Architectural Review not much going on there. There has been an approval for a couple of garages and a privacy fence.
  • Covenants : The property of 8844 Armadillo Trail was discussed. A letter went out to Mr. Armbruster with a new complaint about his illegal driveway and pad. A resident had complained that he was fearful that after Mr. Armbruster moved his commercial vehicles that he would continue to misuse his pad. Mr. Armbruster responded in an email that he felt that he was not being treated fair by the board. The board discussed our options. Mr. Armbruster’s driveway was neither approved by the county nor was it brought to the ARB committee for approval. It was suggested that all our documentation was put together and that we would ask our lawyer how to proceed. The new board asked for this situation to be concluded before the new term begins. The old board said they would try their best. It was also discussed that the county and Mr. Armbruster came to the agreement that Mr. Armbruster would have his equipment moved by December 9, 2008. Freddie Newton suggested that the board should allow Mr. Armbruster till this date as well to move his equipment. The board had asked for the equipment to be moved Nov.17, 2008. There were discussions about other properties who seem to be not complying with the commercial equipment on their property. It was also discussed that the board would protect the resident who was complaining. At the meeting a new complaint was issued about 8462 Gray Fox. Freddie Newton said she would get a letter out to the owners of this property as it is a rental property. Also a certified letter was going out to Ballard’s property 7922 Citation Trail about the old truck on their property as well as the old hot tub and other trash.
  • The new board decided they would follow the bylaws and choose positions at their first meeting. They are planning to have sub committees. The old board explained that they were 3 people short on the board this year. That because we were so short on volunteers this past year, ARB had to also do Covenants. Membership and Newsletter were together and then treasurer had to be added to that as well.
  • The meeting was adjorned.