EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 1/22/09

Conference Baptist Church

Board / Committee Members:
- Carl Pike — President
- Mark Kelly — VP
- Carl Pike — Architectural Review Committee Chair
- Gary Justus — Treasurer / Covenants Control Committee Chair
- Andy Potter — Membership Committee Chair
- Michelle Parr — Social Committee / Activities
- Tami Courtney — Social Committee / Activities

Residents / Committee Volunteers:
- Dale Guerrieri
- Linda Mensching
- Bear Mensching
- Brian Meston
- Clara Mizenko
- Gary Morse
- Lynne Morse
- Judy Ostenaa
- Kelly Schmeer

Session Commenced 7:05PM:

  1. Carol Pike introduced Board members to those in attendance
  2. Carol introduced Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Dale Wizieck and Kelly Schmeer, coordinator of Neighborhood watch program.
    • Evergreen Meadows Neighborhood Watch Program
      1. Has been somewhat dormant and needs to be re-started for EM
      2. New official signs announce the existence of a neighborhood watch
      3. Only 6 Deputies patrol a wide area from Deckers to El Ranch and Morrison to Pine Junction, so neighborhood watch is important to keep an eye on the neighborhood and dispatch law enforcement as needed.
      4. Neighborhood watch is eyes and ears; do not get involved directly. Call either 303-271-0211 of 911 if you see something suspicious.
    • Graffiti: Has not generally been a problem in the mountains, however Hiwan has been a problem area
    • Presented National Night Out
      1. 1st Tuesday in August; 6pm-9pm
      2. HOA host potluck dinner where Jefferson County Law Enforcement officers meet and greet interested residents
    • Deputy Wizieck had responded to complaints from residents about vehicles posted for sale in the parking area at NE entrance to EM and Hwy 73. Explained that County Ordinance prohibits this and that tickets were issued with a $25 fine to remove. Also discussed a complaint about a pallet of firewood left with a for-sale sign. Deputy Wizieck reported that he would be placing a call to the number recommending that it be moved as it could become a zoning issue if not resolved.
    • In response to a question about whether a sign could be posted in the parking area warning of the ordinance against for-sale signs, Deputy Wizieck indicated that signage is not easy to accomplish and has to be petitioned to the Highway and Transportation Department.
    • Street Sign Discussion. Two items were brought up. 1) Many stop signs had graffiti sprayed on them such as (stop) hating, etc. 2) Several street signs were either mis-aligned or blocked by trees and hard to read. Deputy Wizieck indicated that we should first contact the Highway and Transportation Department and they might refer the issue to the Roads and Bridges department if trees needed to be cut back.
  3. Mark Kelly indicated that the minutes from the Prior Board Meeting were incorporated by reference and are available on the EMHA.US website
  4. Carol Pike introduced Linda Mensching who has volunteered to produce the Meadowlark Newsletter.
  5. Carol Pike introduced Judy Ostenaa, who will head the Weed Control education and activities
  6. Andy Potter presented a Membership Report
    • 2009 EMHA Membership Preliminary Preparations
      1. Received property and membership lists from 2008 Board
      2. Developed customized database to track property and membership activity (and in fact all correspondence between board and members)
      3. Worked with Clara Mizenko to update EMHA.US website to reflect current board information; built blog functionality. Andy Potter discussed the newly revamped EMHA website. Andy has been working with Clara Mizenko. Andy indicated that their goal was to make the website more useful than the old website, which had become static and effectively dormant. Much work as been done already to make navigation easier, new content has been added and will be keeping more current with ongoing information posted regularly. Clara requested to send her any ideas to make the site more user-friendly.
      4. Built mass email functionality. Not only will this be used to communicate regularly to residents, but could also be tied into Neighborhood watch to send “reverse-911” type emails to residents about issues (example: if dangerous animals were spotted in neighborhood, or crime reported)
      5. Automated newsletter mailing process (via Postful service) so that we don’t need to do arts and crafts with each mailing
    • Current Membership Status
      1. 485 properties in Evergreen Meadows
      2. 470 of these properties have homes on them
      3. 222 paid dues in 2008 (47%)
      4. 4 members already for 2009 (3 holiday light winners; 1 who paid in December for both 2008 and 2009)
    • Membership Drive Plans for 2009
      1. Formal plan will be announced at March meeting
      2. Integrate Neighborhood Watch data collection into membership drive efforts
    • Contact to residents will still be via Postful unless a resident opts out for electronic distribution to email accounts.
  7. Gary Justus presented the Treasurers Report
    • Report is available on the EMHA.US website
    • Proposed 2009 budget
      1. Income $8,362.20 and Expense of $8,334.30
      2. Compares with 2008 Income of 7,845.33 and Expense of $7,136.63
      3. Current account balance as of December 31, 2008 is $18,009.23
    • Income assumes 235 paid memberships vs 222 in 2008.
    • Filemaker Pro software for EMHA residents database estimated to cost $500, but will confirm later and report to Board.
    • In 2008, Meadowlark ads were not billed. A discussion ensued about whether to continue to put ads in the Meadowlark. General opinion was to continue to post both paid ads for commercial enterprises as well as free ads for resident children for community services such as babysitting, pet-sitting, etc. Meadowlark is a good low cost option for local businesses.
    • A motion was made by Gary Justus to agree the proposed 2009 budget. Andy Potter seconded the motion. Carol Pike and the Board approved the motion. No-one opposed.
  8. Carl Pike presented the Architectural Review Committee Report
    • No new requests have been received since the new board took office on January 1, 2009
    • Carl has connected with Jeffco Maps to produce maps of Evergreen Meadows with resident information included. Carl is working with a new person, Ray Wagner to work out the details and should have the maps shortly. The costs will be approximately $35 (one-time) for labor and $12 for each of the maps we want printed.
    • On behalf of EMHA Board, Carl attended a zoning meeting regarding the ½ acre property located behind commercial building complex at Marshdale. Ron Lewis was identified as possibly developing the property if it could be rezoned from residential to commercial. No applications have been filed at this stage.
  9. Gary Justus presented the Covenants Control Committee Report
    • Gary presented the status on a previous and still ongoing covenant and zoning issue involving Matt Armbruster. The issue revolves around a second driveway and parking area created on the property that has housed commercial vehicles in apparent violation of both Jefferson County Zoning as well as EMHA covenants. Letters involving the resident and the previous EMHA Board, along with attorney letters were discussed. The issue is now under review by the new EMHA Board for resolution.
    • Gary will also review any other covenant issues that were in process with the prior Board and Covenant Control Committee to determine if those issues have been resolved or need further action.
    • Gary presented proposed revisions to the Covenant Control Committee Procedures. The Covenant Control Committee will meet to review in more detail and make a recommendation to the Board. Board will review the recommendation and a motion on incorporating changes will be discussed at the next Board meeting.
    • Gary led a discussion about educating residents on covenants. He suggested that external constituents should also be educated, including an annual letter to local real-estate agents, property management companies, construction companies, etc.
    • Gary discussed how the Evergreen Meadows entrance signs have no indication that the neighborhood is covenant controlled. Mark Kelly made a motion that covenant language be included on the signs into our neighborhood and Gary Justin seconded. Carol Pike and Board approved the motion. No one opposed.
  10. Michelle Parr and Tami Courtney presented an update on signage.
    • The temporary signs that have been used to announce special events in the neighborhood have not worked well. They blow down regularly, get plowed under in the winter by snow-plows, and the sun bakes the temporary announcements permanently into the sign.
    • They presented alternatives to those signs including:
      1. Adding special events signs to the bottom of the two existing entrance signs (w/ cost estimates from Zuni signs)
      2. Along with refurbishing or replacing the existing entrance signs (w/ cost estimates from Zuni signs)
      3. A resident in attendance suggested a fabric “Kinko’s type” fabric sign could be attached during special events to the existing signs
      4. A discussion was held about whether we should also add signs to the three entrances to EM that do not currently have signs.
      5. A resident mentioned LCI Signs in Pine also could be contacted to get another quote
      6. Any new signs need a permit from the Highway and Transportation department
      7. It was agreed that with many options needing further discussion and review, including the financial implications, that the matter should be tabled and revisited at the next Board meeting.
  11. Other Business
    • How do we get information on crime in Evergreen Meadows? Could we have the Sheriff notify the Board so that we could include the information on the EMHA.US website? Discuss further at next Board meeting.