EMHA Board Meeting Minutes 
for 4/2/09

Conference Baptist Church 

Board / Committee Members: 
- Carol Pike — President 
- Mark Kelly — VP 
- Carl Pike — Architectural Review Committee Chair 
- Gary Justus — Treasurer / Covenants Control Committee Chair
- Andy Potter — Membership Committee Chair 
- Michelle Parr — Social Committee / Activities 

Residents / Committee Volunteers: 
- Matt Armbruster 
- Ingrid Davis 
- Bear Mensching 
- Debby Humphrey 
- Keith Sipos 

Session Commenced 7:00 PM: 

  1. Carol Pike opened the meeting and informed attendees that the minutes from the January 2009 Board meeting are posted on-line.
  2. Gary Justus provided the treasurers report which was approved as presented
  3. Carol Pike covered the social committee report — announced that the Easter Egg hunt that is scheduled to be at the EM ball field would likely be postponed due to snow storm.
  4. Andy Potter discussed the new newsletter.
    • Feedback from residents on new format and content had been very positive.
    • Big change was using Postful web printing / distribution for the newsletter.
    • Is both mailed and included as a PDF to residents with emails.
  5. Andy Potter provided membership report.
    • Distributed database report with summary data on resident numbers in EMHA.
      1. Andy to update and include summary information in next newsletter or put on EMHA website blog. It can now be found at: http://emhanews.blogspot.com/
    • Distributed report on residents near, but not included in EM.
      1. Cannot be official members of EM.
      2. Do we want to include in newsletter distribution and activities?
      3. Do we want to do so only if they pay a "donation"?
      4. Will create a "Friends of Evergreen Meadows" email with cover letter to include with a copy of the newsletter.
      5. Potentially create an auxiliary group of non-EMHA residents and send them a letter inviting them to pay dues. By paying dues they would receive the newsletter and be able to participate in EMHA.
    • Distributed draft membership drive memo.
  6. Carol Pike indicated that there was no website update report.
  7. Carl Pike introduced the ARB report.
    • No new actions.
    • No new submissions.
    • Need to continue education that all improvements or property changes need to go through the ARB first, or could become a covenant problem.
  8. Gary Justus presented the covenant report.
    • 5 outstanding covenant complaints.
    • Matt Armbruster was in attendance to discuss complaint on his property.
      1. Board recognized this had been a long process.
      2. Matter was still un-resolved.
      3. Board has been in contact with Jefferson Country Zoning.
      4. Matt indicated that he had been served a contempt violation by the County.
      5. Board and Matt discussed situation and potential resolutions.
      6. Board asked that Matt put in writing his proposal to resolve the situation.
  9. Mark Kelly discussed EM signage.
    • Topic first introduced at January board meeting.
    • Article included in last newsletter.
    • Signage question has 3 elements.
      1. What to do with current signage condition (refurbish or replace)?
      2. What to do with 3 entrances with no current signage?
      3. What to do with special event signage?
    • Presented cost estimates for those 3 options.
    • Decided to table main signage and special event signage for further consideration.
    • Motion and approved to approve new signage for 3 entrances pending zoning approval and the generation of $1,500 in new membership drive in May. Estimated cost for signage $2,200.
  10. Andy Potter discussed using email to notify residents in advance of upcoming Board meetings (email Monday before Thursday meeting).
  11. No new business was presented.
  12. Next Board Meeting is scheduled for May 28th.
  13. Meeting was adjourned.