EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
for 5/28/09

Conference Baptist Church

Board / Committee Members:
- Carol Pike — President
- Mark Kelly — VP
- Carl Pike — Architectural Review Committee Chair
- Gary Justus — Treasurer / Covenants Control Committee Chair
- Andy Potter — Membership Committee Chair
- Glenn Vandine — Secretary
- Debby Humphrey — Newsletter
- Kelly Schmeer — Neighborhood Watch

Residents / Committee Volunteers:
- Armond Azharian
- Michele Force
- Judy Ostenaa

Session Commenced 7:05 PM:

  • Glenn provided the Secretary’s Report - the board minutes can be found on the website, but let me know if you need a copy; the summary of the board meetings can be found in the newsletters; Judy plans to write an article in the newsletter about week control.
  • Residents and Board / Committee members introduced themselves — see above for attendance.
  • Gary provided the Treasurers Report — reviewed the Treasury Balance Report line by line; budget is approximately $9,000; list of bills to pay and recent expenditures; will assess if we need to update the annual budget.
  • Michelle and Tami were not available to provide an update on the garage sale (coming soon) and the Signs. There is a hike coming up soon for Berrien Mountain - keep in mind that they are giving out tickets for riding bikes on the trail; should look into rules and maintenance of DMP (Denver Mountain Park).
  • Andy provided the Membership Report — we are in the middle of the membership drive; first thing was to organize the information; sent out notices in April; what are the boundaries of Evergreen Meadows; in Evergreen Meadows, there are 220 total paid members; 309 emails representing 269 households; can receive information via email, hardcopy, or both; working on increasing the number of email addresses; need to enhance the notice in the newsletter about receiving the newsletter via email and saving a tree.
  • Debby provided an update on the Newsletter — will check with Linda on availability for helping with newsletter; had a few people interested in advertising; need to advertise for the remainder for the year.
  • Kelly provided an update on the Neighborhood Watch — visited a number of new homeowners; we bring cookies & bread; need to revise list of items to include in welcome packets; most people are interested in joining EMHA; a lot of wildlife activity; will start using the email for neighborhood alerts; how often do we send the alerts; how about keeping an eye out for new residents; there were new signs installed for the neighborhood watch; each quarter, Kelly plans to have an awareness gathering; any interest about "National Night Out" (2nd Tues in August) ?
  • Clara was not able to attend, but she continues to work on the visual appeal of the website; May version of the Meadowlark & Sign Survey is posted on the website.
  • Carl provided the ARB Report — 5 requests and all have been approved; how do you handle where people built something without ARB review ?
  • Andy provided the Sign Report — received 150 responses from 300 emails — wow! People generally like the old signs, but like new signs as well; need to spend more time analyzing the information; generally people like stone signs but don’t care for lighted & "T" signs; good experience with survey system and should use it more often to solicit feedback from the community.
  • Judy discussed weeds — need to stay on top of it; encourage residents to get out and work on their weeds; more education to new residents; how about weed awareness day (provide literature); thistles are already starting to grow; these should be sprayed or dug up; this could affect property value.
  • New Business - Carol has received a number of constructive comments from various residents — pot holes in the road, trimming the trees; need to notify the Country (Jeff Co Road & Bridge) for road repairs.
  • Considering fire danger, Carol spoke to the Fire Department - there’s money available via grants; yes, we’re interested in learning more about this program.
  • Renters — we have a lot of renters with children that would like to be involved in the community events; how about the renters being "friends of Evergreen Meadows"; is it the homeowners responsibility to pay the dues; should we put together a proposal for this ?
  • Andy mentioned comments from residents — cleanup day, how about Boy Scouts doing volunteer work; ballpark needs some cleanup; how about small committee for quarterly volunteer group for special projects.
  • Next Board meeting — Michelle and Tami will discuss the summer picnic.

    Action Items:
  • Develop a plan for moving forward with the Block Captains - Andy & Kelly
  • Schedule weed spraying in common areas - Judy
  • Provide Judy with map of common areas - Carol
  • Setup meeting to learn more about grants for fire mitigation - Carol - Completed
  • Create proposal of how to handle renters - Carol
  • Add article in newsletter about community cleanup - TBD