EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
July 23, 2009

Conference Baptist Church

Board / Committee Members:
- Carol Pike — President
- Mark Kelly — VP / CCC Chair
- Gary Justus — Treasurer
- Glenn Vandine — Secretary

Residents / Committee Volunteers:
- Debby Humphrey — Newsletter
- Judy Ostenaa — Weed Control
- Peter Italiano
- Dale Guerrieri

Session Commenced 7:06 PM:

  • Glenn provided the Secretary’s Report
    1. the board minutes can be found on the website, but let me know if you need a copy
    2. the summary of the board meetings can be found in the newsletters
    3. we have working sessions every other month
    4. need to cover pending action items during old business
  • Gary provided the Treasurer’s Report
    1. membership drive is creating income; for expenses there are five columns: 1. budget amount, 2. previous year expense, 3. 2009 YTD, 4. encumbrances, and 5. over / under compared to budget
    2. we are currently over $3,800 under budget
    3. expenses that exceed $50 must be approved by Board; Gary created a reimbursement form
    4. walked through the proposed picnic budget, which is $500, but there is over $200 leftover from the Easter Egg Hunt; agreed to spend the excess from the Easter Egg Hunt and authorize $750 picnic budget; unanimous vote to approve and Gary will notify the Special Events committee of approval
    5. discussed Postful expenses; will be reduced as more email addresses are collected; need to identify sources of income to cover the deficit on postage / printing plus 2 more mailings – approx $2,200; ideas: use reserves (no policy exists that we’re aware of for approving the use of the reserve funds), solicit advertising from previous advertisers, email reminding members of paying membership dues; will further discuss this during our annual meeting
    6. propose to change the fiscal year to Jan 1 — Dec 31st — unanimous vote to approve
  • Judy discussed weeds
    1. contacted 3 vendors and LAM Tree Service was the lowest bid; estimate of $875 is per spray; they will provide 48 hours notice and will spray in August
    2. recommended to spray in both August and early April — avoid areas that are extremely wet
    3. there is a law, passed in 1990, that requires a resident to comply to the request of their neighbor to control the noxious weeks
    4. Judy provided an article titled "Weeds Be Gone" and provided examples of noxious weeds (thistles, common clover type, oxide daisy, fox tail, wheat weed)
    5. Carol suggested having a table at the picnic with an educational display for the weeds
    6. Has the Board contacted Denver Mountain Parks about the pine beetle issue in that area above Armadillo Trail ? How about making a video or adding a link on the website that residents can use to get educated on these topics ?
  • Mark discussed the sign project
    1. handed out article that will appear in the next newsletter
    2. we’ve discussed signs in previous meetings as well as created a survey (via Survey Monkey) for residents to provide feedback online as well as paper copy
    3. from a quantitative perspective, 75% residents are suggesting to maintain / upgrade the existing signs, 68% preferred a large, boulder style sign, and we should announce events at all 5 entrances using hanging, event signs
    4. refurbishing signs included local residents volunteering their time; we need to ask for volunteers to maintain these areas; how about sign maintenance committee?
    5. event signs range $70 - $106 — current Board to fund some amount of this and ask the next Board to complete this project; event signs should be bright colored; once existing signs are refurbished, purchase the event signs and figure out how to attach them to the existing signs
    6. how about a table at the picnic with a signup sheet for helping with the signs ? Include an article in the email reminding residents of the picnic as well as the newsletter prior to the picnic
  • Items discussed not related to signage
    1. Dale recommended the Board create a policy for how to expend reserve funds; the policy should be conservative in nature, given the state of the economy; signage should align with property values; vinyl tends to move with the wind and attract attention to the signs
    2. Board accepts new CCC policy — unanimously approved
    3. mowing expenses — unanimously approved
  • Debby provided an update on the Newsletter
    1. Debby will highlight comments in the signs article in the newsletter asking for volunteers
    2. treasurer’s report will be provided to Clara to be placed on the website
    3. newsletter is moving along fine; received articles from contributors
  • Mark provided covenants report
    1. agreement has been reached with resident creating a non-approved driveway and restoring the aesthetic appearance of the area; grass is growing; inspection scheduled in December
    2. property on Citation Trail is collecting junk and potential violation of operating commercial business on residential property (selling cars); county is working with resident on violation
    3. complaint received about a boundary fence; ARB members visited the property and discussed with resident; fence progress was stopped; need to provide resident with formal letter providing the Board’s position
    4. number of postcards have been sent requesting adherence to the Covenants; after 30 days those who did not respond to the post cards were sent a more formal letter stating that within 30 days, the County would be contacted or legal action taken as next steps if covenants were not adhered to; will go back to re-inspect next week
    5. preferential order has been inoperable and unlicensed vehicles and junk; other covenant violations such as the non-screening of propane tanks would be a lower priority for now
  • Carol provided updates to old business
    1. Carl updated guidelines for the process for the CCC; Dale reminded the Board to maintain a satisfactory level of reserves to assist with litigation
    2. County will be providing a map of the EMHA territory — all sections 1 through 10.
  • Next Board meeting will be the Annual meeting on October 22.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM

  • From Previous Board Meeting
    1. Develop a plan for moving forward with the Block Captain - Andy & Kelly
    2. Schedule weed spraying in common areas - Judy
    3. Provide Judy with map of common areas - Carol - Done
    4. Setup meeting to learn more about grants for fire mitigation - Carol - Done
    5. Create proposal of how to handle renters - Carol - Done
    6. Add article in newsletter about community cleanup
  • New Items
    1. Search for videos for educating residents about weed and pine beetle control and providing to Clara to post on the website. - Dale
    2. Provide verbiage to Andy about email comment for searching for volunteers and mention to Michelle about needing a signup sheet for volunteers and should picnic be at Marshdale Elementary - Mark, Gary
    3. Send an email to Judy about LAM spraying the ball field AFTER the picnic - Carol - Done