Evergreen Meadows Homeowners Association Annual Meeting Minutes

October 22, 2009, 7:00 p.m.
Conference Baptist Church

Board/Committee Members
  • Mark Kelly — President, Covenants Control
  • Andy Potter — VP, Membership, Neighborhood Watch
  • Gary Justus — Treasurer
  • Debby Humphrey — Communications (Newsletter)
  • Marti Weiskopf — Architectural Review, Special Events
  • Judy Ostenaa — Weed Committee
Session Commenced at approximately 7:00 PM
  • Mark opened meeting; Andy confirmed quorum.
  • Andy discussed nominations and qualifications to be on the EMHA Board — motion made to elect the 7 nominees and second nomination received — passed unanimously.
  • Introductions of Board members; Members can be found on the EMHA website.
  • Thanked Peter for volunteering for Signs
  • Gary provided the Treasurer’s Report (see separate report)
  • Mark provided the Covenant’s Report (see separate report)
  • Andy provided Membership report
    1. 283 paid members out of 490 property owners.
    2. Neighborhood watch — created an alert process via email
  • Weed Committee
    1. 2 programs: 1. Education (2 times in summer) and 2. Postcards sent to those who have weeds and help them find a solution.
    2. Will upload pictures of common weeds to EMHA website.
    3. HOA takes care of common areas by spraying 2 times per year — Spring and Fall
    4. Would like an expert to discuss as a group — researching the moles and invasive grasses.
  • Events committee
    1. Marti had a drawing for a pumpkin and carving kit; thanked attendees for attending.
    2. Thanked Tami Courtney and Michelle Parr for past years’ (multiple) service
    3. She explained the four existing activities and asked about interest in additional activities.
    4. Sign-up sheets are available — please provide additional ideas.
  • Communications
    1. Clara handles the website and Blog and Debbie handles the newsletter — 4 — 6 issues per year — also, neighborhood watch.
    2. Newsletters sent to all 490 property owners; $25 business card ad per issue.
  • No unfinished business
  • New Business
    1. Voted on commercial insurance proposal - approved
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM