EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
1st Quarter 2010 - Quarterly Meeting - Feb. 25, 2010

Conference Baptist Church

  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. President, Covenants — Mark Kelly
    2. VP, Membership, Neighborhood Watch — Andy Potter
    3. Communications — Debby Humphrey
    4. ARB — Steve Rooney
  • Residents:
    1. Jim Gorman
    2. Jeff Unbehaun
    3. Peter Karpinski
    4. Lisa Hoffman
    5. David Mondlick
    6. Cindy Mondlick
Not in Attendance:
  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. Bylaws, Audit & Finance — Gary Justus
    2. Weed Committee — Judy Ostenaa
    3. Nominating — Glenn Vandine
    4. Special Events — Marti Weiskopf

Meeting opened at 7:12 PM
  1. Mark opened the meeting and thanked our featured speakers, Lisa Hoffman and Peter Karpinski, for attending.
  2. Previous meeting minutes for Board meetings are posted online at http://www.emha.us
  3. Treasurer (Gary) will provide his report at our next Board meeting.
  4. Mark provided an update for the Covenants:
    • Fewer issues are being reporting during the Winter months:
    • 7922 Citation - ongoing issue with junk vehicles - this violates the EMHA covenants and Jeff Co zoning regarding inoperable vehicles and conducting business (junk hauling) on Evergreen Meadows (EM) property.
    • 26752 Chipmunk - fence issue - EMHA attorneys are in contact with property owner to remove fence posts.
  5. Dave and Cindy Mondlick asked about the ability to add a propane tank and surround it by a fence. The Board requested that they submit an ARB request.
  6. Steve provided an update for ARB - no outstanding requests at this time.
  7. Lisa Hoffman questioned the legality of snow mobiles and dirt bikes in EM. She will contact Jeff Co with a noise complaint.
  8. Andy provided an update for Membership:
    • Final results for 2009 - 2010 membership are 287 members out of 490 properties (58.5%).
    • We're now at 107 properties receiving the newsletter by "email only", up from 0 in Jan 2009.
    • The 2010-11 membership plan will be presented at the April 22 Board Meeting
    • Lisa Hoffman reported 4 new neighbor visits in January.
    • Mark explained the benefits of the motivation for requiring that the EMHA membership be mandatory. One major benefit is that legal fees can be recovered (if mandatory dues are charged) prior to a court ruling.
  9. Debby provided a Communications update:
    • The Meadowlark (EMHA Newsletter) will be printed in Black & White to save money on printing and mailing costs.
    • Website has been cleaned up - thank you Clara!!!!
    • Neighborhood Watch and Alerts efforts are currently underway.
  10. Debby provided an Events update:
    • Easter Egg Hunt and egg stuffing party is scheduled.
    • Please contact the Board, if you’re interested in assisting with Events.
  11. Andy provided an update for Landscaping:
    • The survey for the Fall Priorities indicated that slash collection is a number one priority. The Board is still working on determining the vendor(s) to be used for slash collection and please contribute names of vendors, if applicable.
    • Looking for volunteers to participate in the clean-up day for streets and common areas.
    • For signs, we had mixed responses from the earlier signs survey, everything from "leave the signs alone" (do nothing) to "replace the signs" (complete over-haul).
    • For weeds, Judy Ostenaa (resident) is spearheading education / eradication effort. Stay tuned for future articles in the Meadowlark.
  12. Steve mentioned that the priorities from the survey results can be found online and the Board is attending to residents’ comments as possible.
  13. No unfinished business
  14. New Business items:
    • Jim Gorman (EM resident) offered a possible slash collection vendor and a possible Aspen tree vendor. Jim suggested reduced prices for members and increased prices for non-members.
    • Evergreen newcomers have ideas for fun events. Jim shared their events schedule.
    • Jim suggested that EMHA participate in supporting the purchase of the former Albertson’s store for a general community center.
    • Lisa Hoffman reported that there have been 2 sales within EM in the past six months, there are 4 properties under contract for sale, and there are 9 active listings in EM. Fortunately, EM has not been affected much by foreclosures and homebuyer credits are attractive (until 4/30/2010).
    • Peter Karpinski with Strictly Thermal presented that you can save 20 - 40% on utility costs by weatherizing. Their business provides home inspections via infrared inside and outside to identify energy leaks and some improvements can qualify for tax rebates. They charge $150per hour with 2 hour minimum, this includes photos and a report of findings and they will provide 25% discount for EMHA members. In addition to energy leaks, they can identify electrical system problem areas, water leaks, radiant floor heat shortages, and dying trees.
Meeting adjourned at 9:27 PM

From Previous Board Meeting:
  1. None
New Items:
  1. Contact the Board, if you’re interested in assisting with Events or wish to volunteer to participate in the clean-up day for streets and common areas - EM.
  2. Determine the vendor(s) to be used for slash collection - Board.