EMHA Board Meeting Minutes
2nd Quarter 2010 - Quarterly Meeting - April 22, 2010

Conference Baptist Church

  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. President, Covenants Control — Mark Kelly
    2. VP, Membership, Neighborhood Watch — Andy Potter
    3. Communications (Newsletter) — Debby Humphrey
    4. Bylaws, Audit & Finance — Gary Justus
  • Residents:
    1. David Biondi
    2. Brickley Biondi
    3. Ingrid Davis
    4. Lynda Cox
    5. Dawn Kelly
    6. Matt Armbruster
    7. Walter Vanderplaat
    8. Kit Darrow
    9. Lisa Hoffman
    10. Jeff Unbehaun
    11. Liz Biondi
    12. Eliza Biondi
  • Non-Residents:
    1. Tim Sandon
Not in Attendance (Absent Board Members provided notice of not being able to attend this Board meeting):
  • Board / Committee Members:
    1. ARB — Steve Rooney
    2. Weed Committee — Judy Ostenaa
    3. Nominating — Glenn Vandine
    4. Special Events — Marti Weiskopf

Meeting opened at 7:13 PM
  1. Mark opened the meeting.
  2. Treasurer (Gary) reviewed the Treasury Balance Report and the 2010 Proposed Budget - he made the motion to adopt the budget, Andy provided a second motion, and the Board voted 4-0 to approve the budget.
  3. Treasurer (Gary) will provide his report at our next Board meeting.
  4. Mark provided an update for the Covenants:
    • One incident has been resolved and the second incident is still in progress.
    • Mark asked for volunteers from the community for the Covenant Control Committee and explained the three step process the Board uses to indentify, notify, and resolve covenant violations.
  5. Mark provided an update for the ARB.
    • There have been four recent requests, one was denied, one approved, and two pending.
  6. Andy provided an update for Membership:
    • 288 of 472 residents were members in 2009 and there were four new neighbors in EM in March 2010 (i.e. homes sold).
    • The mailing for the 2010 - 2011 membership drive is being mailed the next week or so.
    • The EMHA Board is determining whether encouraging email sign up for the Meadowlark is increasing or decreasing readership.
  7. Andy provided an update for Events:
    • He described the Community Clean-up Day and asked for volunteers for Block Captains.
    • Andy reported that four residents have signed up for slash collection.
    • The Berrian Mountain hike is scheduled for 6/12.
    • Lisa Hoffman mentioned the neighborhood Garage Sale is scheduled for Sat. 7/17 - Sun. 7/18 - ads will be run in two local newspapers - some signage will be placed on CR-73 - balloons and printing 100 maps showing participating homes - hours are negotiable.
  8. Mark called for EMHA volunteers for all committees
  9. New Business items:
    • Kit Darrow mentioned the EPRD election - she’s been on the EPRD Board for 4 years - 8% of our property tax goes to EPRD - get out and vote on Tues. 5/14 (7 AM - 7 PM at Wulf or Buchanan Rec Centers) - can also vote via absentee ballot - Kit endorsed Mark Footer in the election - Kit can be contacted at 303.679.9117.
    • Martha Thaden at JeffCo Animal Control explained that more foliage cover, more trash, and less hazing, mean more coyotes in JeffCo foothills - she anticipates more, not fewer, problems with pets in the future - JeffCo takes coyote reports, but doesn’t have authority to take action on coyote vs. pet incidents - coyote vs. livestock or human incidents get JeffCo action - hazing (scaring) coyotes is good first step to discourage coyote presence - second step is to reduce attractions (food) - don’t feed wildlife (intentionally or unintentionally - bird feeders, trash out too prematurely to pick-up time, garden compost) - coyote’s primary diet is made of squirrel, dog, cat, vole, and rabbit - JeffCo recommends vaccinating your pets against rabies - EMHA residents should also be concerned about the mountain lions that live near all of us.
    • Tim Sandon discussed the feasibility and objectives of a family fun center within former Albertson’s store - 30 bowling lanes, restaurant with food and drinks, billiards, darts, arcade games, and meeting rooms - looking for means to finance the lease / purchase of the building and build out- zoning change needed to allow single occupant over 20,000 sq ft - some competition from other possible occupant.
  10. No unfinished business
Meeting adjourned at 9:23 PM

From Previous Board Meeting:
  1. Contact the Board, if you’re interested in assisting with Events or wish to volunteer to participate in the clean-up day for streets and common areas - EM.
New Items:
  1. None