Get Involved

A homeowner’s association is only as strong as its volunteers. We encourage you to get involved and voice your opinions about neighborhood matters that are important to you. Please step up to fill any vacant positions on the Board or to help out on a committee. All committees would be happy to have more help! 


To be eligible to hold a Board position, you must meet the following criteria:

Board Positions 

The following are Board Officer Positions:

The following are Standing Committee Chairs:

The following are Other Committee Chairs:


Each board member is required to attend the HOA Board meetings, either in person or via teleconference. Duties for each member vary depending on the position. To view detailed descriptions for each HOA board position, please go to EMHA Board Positions page. 

Submitting a Nomination 

There are several ways to submit your nomination. You can:

If you have any questions about the nominations process or the individual positions, please call or email EMHA using the contact information above.


Volunteer Opportunities

The EMHA is aware that many of the youth in the neighborhood are looking for opportunities to volunteer as part of their school, church or other activities.  Below is a short list of possible jobs.  If you are interested, please send an email to board@emha.us and describe the work you would like to do.

Possible Volunteer Jobs:

Mow Ball Field

Set Up for Neighborhood Barbecue

Trash Pick Up

Pull Noxious Weeds in Common Areas

Stain Picnic Tables