Attention all EMHA homeowners. Are you planning an exterior construction project?  To learn about incorporating the EMHA Architectural Guidelines and Construction Guidelines (“Guidelines”) into your project, requirements for Architectural Review Board (ARB) approvals, and how the ARB project review processes works - click  .  

All exterior construction projects require ARB approval. Some examples include the following.  
    •  Accessory/Storage Structure
    •  Driveway (new or replace)
    •  Retaining Wall
    •  Lighting (Structures, Areas)
    •  Additions to Home, Garage, Deck
    •  Exterior Materials/Coating/Paints
    •  Roofing (new or replacement)
    •  Deck (new or replace)
    •  Signage  
Again, to view our Architecture Review Process page, click here --  .