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      Glen Mizenko

Hello fellow Evergreen Meadows residents,


Happy New Year!  I’m writing to confirm that Denver Mountain Parks and (DMP) Evergreen Fire District (EFD) have received funding for and, this spring/summer, will be performing some Forest Mitigation in the 80 acres of Berrian Mountain Park that lies within Evergreen Meadows’ footprint.  This is the section that crosses Armadillo Trail on the east side of Hwy 73 and bordered by homes including mine.  This work is much needed and is designed to improve the health of the forest and, hence, reduce the risk that a wildfire burns through the park and into our community. 


There were some comments at the Annual EMHA Homeowners meeting in December regarding the project and, as a result, I have asked EFD and DMP to share their plan.  DMP and EFD have scheduled a briefing for our community at 5:30pm on March 27.  They will overview their plans and be available for questions and input from the community.  Would you please respond by email to if you would like to attend the meeting with the number of people who will be attending?  Based on the headcount, I will find the appropriate venue for the briefing.


Thank you,

Glen Mizenko

Volunteer Ambassador

Evergreen Meadows Plan Unit – Evergreen Fire and Rescue

(720) 530-7326